Wednesday, July 20, 2011

in my sewing room------ Hello!!!!!!

Today..... I t going to be a very hot day, just have little fellow today, his big brother is going to middle school this week to get use to his classes and the changes, he just go half day, his sister is at a friends house and the other three grands are at home with their parents, they didn't have to work today... All of my grands will be in school soon ,even little cupcake will have to go to kinder garden this year so i will just have little fellow . It take me a while to get use to not having all of them, It is almost to quiet here today!! LOL
My sewing room is a mess ,mess ,mess, i haven't done very much sewing just what had to be done.. Why is it a mess, it is being remodel, all the big work is done and now it is time for paint and new flooring, can't wait to get it done and back to my sewing!!!!!!
As for as my garden work and canning, my garden is late and not ready for canning, i have can some green bean that my friend has given me. They are little fellow favorite bean, called Roma bean. I have got some in my garden but they are not ready yet. I will be canning beans, beets, and jellies and tomatoes and juice, and some bread and butter pickle and freezing corn.
Baseball is over for the big guy but the granddaughters are having ball tournament every week in and it have been fun going to watch them, the twins are on a all star team and the Laura bug is on a travel team so sometime they has to play each other, so when that happen i cheer for both teams. I really enjoy watching them....
A memory, setting out this morning drinking my coffee, before little fellow got here, just hearing the sounds of bugs hollowing and it just sounds like fall is on the way but any way when i was little, mom and dad and all of us kids would be on the porch and they would be a wash tub full of green beans and we would all have to help break the beam for mom to can, she would built a fire on the outside and can them in a big tub, don't remember how many quart it would be , but she was proud to get them done, she would can over a hundred quart for the winter and to the next garden season.. mon and dad would set on the porch every night when the weather was pretty, we had a big old mulberry tree in the yard and we would climb the tree to pick the mulberry they was so good . I could go on and on but memories are wonderful to have.....Now a day you just don't see family setting out on the porch, I love setting out on the porch and watch the people past by or just listening to the sounds, and think. my hubby don't like to set out much but i can get him to set out sometime.
Well i guess this is all for today,stay cool everyone and have a great day!!