Friday, August 17, 2012

In my seing room----- a little sewing!!!

Today, is a wet day to work outside, so I will be making one of my T-towel to enter in the fair, I have enter one for the last 3 years and so for i have got blue ribbon on them. Today I also will be work in some corn, I have about 50 years to work up.
 IT is beginning to sound and feel like fall, I like fall, but it a sad time because everything is dying for the season. But the bright  side, the colors and the fall decoration are so pretty. It is so nice to just sat out on the porch or deck with a glass of tea and  relax, which I have done alot of lately.
 Little fellow is here today, he misses all of  the kids to play with,  I will be working with him on preschool stuff so he will be ready for kindergarten next year. He wanted to go this year but was not older enough,so  some school work  will be good for him..
 My first year of school, me and my sister walk to school, with other kids, we live in a small town, so we didn't have to walk to for. I loves my first grade teacher, but  to get our first Alice and Jerry  book we had to learn all of out ABC and the teacher would point to each one for us to say, so I try really hard to learn them, so I could get my first book. Just a little memory  of my first year of school. The school is still standing and now is a tractor place
 Verse for today
Proverbs 22;  Verse 11 Pay attention to yous teacher and learn all you can.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

In my sewing room ! A beautiful morning

Today is a beautiful morning, I have little fellow today,he stay all night with us, so he is up and ready for today. My plans for to day, I just don't have any thing going, I guess I need to do more work on the flower beds. Yesterday i put new mulch all around and look so much better, I should of had it all done but I am behind in my outside work. but the bright side is I just have one more flower bed and the north side of my house to finish and it will be done. We also need to clean up the garden and get it ready for next year, and maybe it will be a better garden next year, it was such a hot time and no rain.
 It soon will be time for the county fair in Grayson county and I always have my sewing craft made to enter in the fair, but this time I guess I will just enter a quilt,  I am running so for behind this time and don't have nothing new  made to enter.
 Yesterday was my daughter 42th birthday and today is my mother in law birthday she is 92, where as the time gone, it is going to fast. Happy birthday to them both.  I will have their birthday dinner this week in.
In my sewing, well not much going on in here, i lay my fabric out to work on,but it is not getting done, I just can't get back in the swing of thing, maybe when i get all of the work done outside I will get back to sewing. Do you all ever get in a mood and just don't do what you like to do , just do what need to be done?
 Well guess this is all for this time,  hope everyone will have a great day !!!To day verse: Romans 11: verse 36- For all things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory forever! Amen.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In my sewing room ---------brown recluse !!!!!!!

 Well  I have been bit by a brown recluse about 3 week ago, and it has been scary. It happen during the night and woke me up, i knock it off but it was fast and bit me so off the the doctor i go. The medicine they gave me i couldn't take so i went back and could not take this medicine, so the  third round i finally could take the med. So it look good still got some red color. I have not been able to sleep for thinking about them. You can have you house treated for them for it does help so i have done some research and they all say about the same . Most say get those sticky trap and place them in corner and under the bed around baseboard so this is what i am doing. Had got some more of them in the trap. I kept every thing clean and  nothing under my bed but they have come from somewhere.We need to set bug bomb under the house, but they said it would kill good spider that will kill the brown recluse.Since this has happen we know people with new home has them really bad and trying to get rid of them, I also read that white winger will kill them instantly but you will have to see them to spray. They like dark places.
 In my sewing room not much going on, I did make a cover photo album for a baby shower, was going to do a baby quilt but  Didn't feel like it after the spider bite. So I guess I will get back in to making and sewing again.
 It has been a busy summer with all of the grand kids, some good day and some day s not so good, but I do miss them Two of them as already went back to school and the other three will go next Wed. I  Will  have one  and that is the  little fellow which is making a big fellow he kept me pretty busy and he will miss the other one to play with. HE miss the cut off  by three days and he so wanted to go to school we told him he will be ready next year.
 My garden ,  not so good the drought hit it, I had 3 long roll of beans and just got 3 canning off of them, so I have can beets and bean and froze some squash and that about it. Our tomatoes didn't do any thing it was a dry time for them. We had been getting stuff from the Amish.
 I guess this is all for now, kind of quiet here .might go and take a short rest. God is good, and with him he has help me to deal with the spider bite. Have a great day!!!!!