Monday, February 25, 2013


I have been away for a while, haven't been feeling very good , but any way i have been trying to stay busy, that is good for the soul.  Today i put a zipper in a jacket for my brother. Now i have got to cut out no. 42 civil war block called H is for hospital  another block order number eleven and also  call Rachael reel,it have to be applique.. There is 53 block for this quilt and my older daughter want it when it is done. Sunday we had our younger daugther birthday, were did the time go, she is 41., our older daughter is 42, there is 18mons different in their ages. We when to church and them had a birthday dinner for her.I love reading all the other blog, sometime i make comment and  them i don't make them, but i like reading them and see what is going on, good friend on blog and so many pretty thing.Wish i had some picture for you to see of my blocks, maybe it my grand daughter come down she will do this for My grand kids are real big in sports, two of the are in basket ball now and the twin are playing softball for the high school and they are 7 grader, they are playing Jr varsity and varsity and also freshman, so they are busy.. A beautiful day here, so ready for spring. But we are going to have some winter min moving in this week. My wish for everyone is be happy  at what every you are doing!!!!! God is good!