Thursday, January 30, 2014

In my sewing room WHY?

 Hi everyone, one question, WHY is so hard to find the time to blog, I really like reading everyone blog , but I just don't take time to blog. Some  time I will comment on the blogs and then  I will go on to what I need to do,    guess that just life.  I have been hand quilting on Barbara Back man  civil war reproduction quilt , got 4 block roll to go and them the border to quilt and will be done, about 4 more weeks if all goes good. My older daughter want this quilt so I guess it is her. That all for now Have a cozy night.     Why.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Granny Sewing room

From my home to yours wishing you A Happy New Year and God bless everyone!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

In my sewing room ,NOT!

Good morning to all ! Beautiful morning this morning,very cool for August weather,but enjoying it.
Nope,haven't been in the sewing room for awhile,my garden veg. is ready to freeze or can, so to busy for the sewing room. I have got some new project to  work on when i get back in there.  a quilt called patriot and petticoat, and a quilt with lot of applique work  to do and it is called rosewood cottage,can't wait to work on them.
 this is the first time in about 16 years that i don't have any grands kids to babysit, they are all in school and it is almost to quiet,but  i will get use to it just try to stay busy, I just do miss them,my little fellow ,is going to kindergarten this year and he was my last, my oldest granddaughter is marry and now we have our first  great grand baby,  she is 5 weeks old.
Before three of my granddaughter when back to school, I had them busy in my sewing room and they all made their own quilt and it was fun working with them. they done all of the sewing and pressing on their quilts,Josie done a scrappy 4 patch and Mattie and Laura done a scappy rail fence. I will be taking them over to a shop called Quaint Quilt and i will machine quilt on her big quilting machine .Guess i will close got to make tomatoes juice today and some errand to run. Have great day! GOD IS GOOD.

Monday, February 25, 2013


I have been away for a while, haven't been feeling very good , but any way i have been trying to stay busy, that is good for the soul.  Today i put a zipper in a jacket for my brother. Now i have got to cut out no. 42 civil war block called H is for hospital  another block order number eleven and also  call Rachael reel,it have to be applique.. There is 53 block for this quilt and my older daughter want it when it is done. Sunday we had our younger daugther birthday, were did the time go, she is 41., our older daughter is 42, there is 18mons different in their ages. We when to church and them had a birthday dinner for her.I love reading all the other blog, sometime i make comment and  them i don't make them, but i like reading them and see what is going on, good friend on blog and so many pretty thing.Wish i had some picture for you to see of my blocks, maybe it my grand daughter come down she will do this for My grand kids are real big in sports, two of the are in basket ball now and the twin are playing softball for the high school and they are 7 grader, they are playing Jr varsity and varsity and also freshman, so they are busy.. A beautiful day here, so ready for spring. But we are going to have some winter min moving in this week. My wish for everyone is be happy  at what every you are doing!!!!! God is good!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

picture of my finish quilt!!!!!

My grand daughter took a picture for me and Igot to post a picture. This one have been in the works for a while, it is all hand applique and and hand quilted, just finish it up Saturday night with the binding!!
Sunday, today now it is raining, got three grand daughter to night,  Today we when to church and back here for dinner with our younger daughter and her family. It have been a good Day. We miss our older daughter at church and for dinner today.
I guess it will be full speed ahead on my civil war quilt this week. I  need to  get another quilt going for my daughter, she would like to have a log cabin quilt.
Also  would like to say Thanks again to Trudy From Trudy Crafts, her gift was so nice!!!!When i chew the gum, or use the other nice gift I will thank of you.
Well this is all for tonight, hope everyone will have a good week.
Romans 11 Verse 36 For all things were created by him, ans all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory forever! Amen.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

number 29 railroad crossing block!

Today in my sewing room , working on my civil war quilt block, number 29 block and got  14 more block to go, I'm waiting for some civil war fabric to get here, I have order some off of eBay, so I wish it would hurry up.My hand quilting is going good also, hope by the end of this week it will be ready to put the binding on.
Today i have little fellow and cupcake, she wasn't feeling good today so her dad said she could stay here today.Kind of busy with them .
Sunday I had my hubby 69th birthday so all the family was here except our older daughter, she was sick, today she found out it was her gallbladder, so a prayer for her that it will all go well.
I had some pictures to post, but don't know how since the blog as change the way it use to be, and I'm not very smart with the computer......
This is all for today, I don't get any comment on my blog so I don't know if any one read them, but I guess I will  continue on doing it when I have the time.
Very cold today, sun is out pretty, some bad weather moving this week in..
Psalms 100 verse 5 The Lord is good his love is eternal and his faithfulness lasts forever.
Have a Bless day!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Block 21 underground railroad!

Today looking out of my sewing room windrow, the cloud are breaking away to a beautiful morning, we had some hard rain early morning hours. The temp. is going to be 61 today, not bad for Jan. weather. going to been around 70 on Saturday with wind and rain.but for now it is a pretty morning in Cash Ky.
 Working on no. 21 block called the under ground railroad, enjoy working at making these blocks.
Well i need to get to some house work  done,  and them I will do some hand quilting.
Little fellow is here, he has been so good ,We have  school after lunch to get him ready for kinder garden. He loves playing with his Lego blocks, he play with them a lot.
 Well this is all, got to get to work, every have a good day!!! God is Good!