Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Years!

Wishing all my blogging friends Happy New Years and hope 2011 will be a great year!

My week have been a very quiet week, just had my grands one night and day, I haven't done much this week, just had a little relaxation. I did do a little hand quilting and finish up one block got 3 more blocks to go. I got fabric for another quilt it is call art deco dream, the color are in pinks and black and cream prints. this will be a quilt to start on later on in the season. Got to get back working on my spider web quilt, it is done all in blues. I could name several project for this winter that i want to do but i will see what i can get done.... Psalms 8; verse 9
O Lord, Our Lord, your greatness is seen in all the world!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ ALL IS QUIET, TOO QUIET!

Christmas has come and gone, my house has been busy since Thursday with making desert and salad, getting ready for Christmas eve and Christmas day. Friday morning i cook all of my other food, All of our family will be here at 5:30. We do our meal and them open gifts, all of the grandchildren goes first starting with the youngest, which that is little fellow, and them cupcake, and on down the line until we are finish. The family room was under lots and lots of paper and boxes, we all are very bless and had a great time.When everyone when home all except little cupcake and her twin sisters ,stay because their parent had to work on Christmas day. About 11:30 that night I put on a turkey in the oven for the family on Saturday, Christmas day, we always when to my mother in law on that day but since she had a stroke, i had it at our home. Today my 3 granddaugther when home and it is very quit, almost to quiet, I just kindly got a lonely feeling after all of the family being gone, and all my work of cleaning up is done......... A very Bless Christmas.
Starting a new week and in to the new year, don't know what i will be getting into, another story for another blog...... Wishing everyone Happy New Years and with lots of wonderful Blessing coning your way!
God is good, all the time.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!

Hope every one had a very merry christmas and a Happy NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 17, 2010

in my sewing room------ Banannas bread, Yum!

Today I'm in my kitchen making potato soup and bananas bread with vanilla pudding. It is a cold day here, I would like to see a little sun, but it is winter got to get use to it........
In my sewing room I have been working on some pillows for my couch in my den, i had order new cushion for my glider rocker, after rocking 7 grandchildren the cushion was wear out and it was time for new. I had order extra fabric to cover the foot stool and to make the pillows , turn out good and it is all done. don't know what will be next to work on in my sewing room, but i will let you know.........
Just had little fellow today, he has got a cold and doesn't feel to good, and he is taking a nap now. He is such a funny little fellow, the things he say and what he does, he is just to sweet!.......
Every night I go down and set with my mother in law, we don't leave her by herself very long at a time. It give her daughter a little break to go home or like today to go shopping........
I have got all of my Christmas card in the mail and all the decoration is done, now I got to finish shopping and start wrapping gift and some baking for the holiday, as they say I'm just moving right on down the line..............
I wish all my blogging friend a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A memories of my mom..

Today .......... 35 years ago i lost my mother to cancer, she was 54 years old, there is a lot of memory of her, she has done so much for us kids, there was 4 of us 2 brother and 1 sister. We live on a small farm and sometimes the winter was really hard, because dad didn't have work in the winter month, but with all the canning and other thing we had on the farm we did get by. Mom always made sure everything was clean and neat and made time for us, there was so many special thing she has done for us and i could go on and on, ,just one more thing, mom didn't do very much sewing, but i remember the little thing she has made, she would make doll cloths for my dolls and show me how to sew and make clothe for my doll, she has make us girls little jumper and skirts to wear,also made me a real pretty apron for me to have to wear in a Thanksgiving dinner at our church, she didn't have a sewing machine everything she done was by her hand and with four kids there was a lot of patch work to be done too. Mom is miss every day and we all love you. Merry Christmas to you in Heavens.

Monday, December 13, 2010

in my sewing room------ Yes, in my sewing room!

A very cold day today with some light snow. ...........
Sunday , we didn't have Church, it was call off because of the weather, so I made a pot of chili and bake some brownie for dinner. Just had my Mother in law for dinner the Girls and grand did't come up to day. I work on the family tree and the mantle for Christmas ,now they are done, and got my Christmas cards ready to mail, my Sunday was a good Sunday! I have three of my grands today, no school for them, they have been playing in the snow , it is almost to cold for them to be out. Watching them bring back memories of my snow days when we didn't have school, in the little town i lives in ,all of my friends would get together and go sleighing, it was a all day thing we had so much fun, there was this big hill we would go to, we had a old car hood and a big bunch would get on it and go down and it was a way down the hill, now the hill has got a new house there and it is behind the quilt shop that i work at for a while. Those was the days and time goes so fast!........
I'm in my sewing room and I'm going to put a binding on my Christmas quilt, and guess that will be all i will get done today.......
Everyone stay warm and have Bless day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

in my sewing room------ Every have these monent!

Well for some reason i have been making myself to decorate for the holiday, I do a little every day but i just can't get in the mood and i am doing less this year. I had trouble with my prelit tree some of the light won't work, i had to work with them and gave up and put light on it extra, this is the last year for this tree, or I think it is. Don't have my shopping done not any gift wrap, GOSH ! just going in slow mode. Does any one how have these day? Maybe next time i will post i can say its done! Enough!..........
As for as my sewing still working on curtain for my daughter ,hope to finish them today, if anyone need allot of blue ruffles that came off of curtains just let me know. I all so made a gift my brother and his wife for their anniversary, i took burlap fabric and made a bag and stiffened it with glue and water them stuff it to dry, i made candy canes out of fabric , batting and a coat hanger cut in to candy cane, brush glue on them and sprinkle mica flakes to give them a that sparkle, make little primitive snowmen and put that in the bag with the candy cane and a battery operate candle and greenery and it sure did turn out really country lookin, they sure did like it.
A memory, We use to go out and cut a cedar tree for Christmas ,it would take us most of the day to find that perfect tree and the smell of the cedar in the room was good to smell. I would also cut a smaller tree for my girls room and they would decorate it them self. We live in a mobile home at that time, i remember when we set it up it was the biggest one at that time now they make them like big home, we live in it for about 7 years and them we built us a house in 1973 and it is still our home, a happy home! well any way i just had the one tree and that was all i would decorate .I kept telling myself I'm getting older and I think it is time to cut back. I guess time will tell..............
Out of the past and back to now, today i have little fellow, he will be spending the night with us, his mother and father has got a Christmas program going on tonight for his sister, i would like to go but it is better for me to kept him here he kind get tired it if is very long program. He love to spend the night, he like to spend time with his pappy..............
I guess this is all for now i better get my work done because it won't get done with me setting here. Sorry no pictures but someday there will be pictures of what i do....
God is good, all the time......

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

in my sewing room------ ALL DONE!

I have my dinning all done, really like the new floor.
Today I will be in the kitchen doing my salads and deserts and make biscuit for the dressing . Thanksgiving morning i will do the veggie and turkey and it will be ready for the family. We always when to my mother in law for Thanksgiving but since her stroke she is not able to do this so i will have it now, There is usually about 18 that come for dinner. I hope every one will have a bless day!
The GRANDS is ready for me to decorate for Christmas, but like to wait after Thanksgiving, is over don't like to rush the holidays.
I hope i can get some more painting done to the family room but it depend on how thing goes. My daughter is wanting curtains made, so i have got to do that for her, just so, so, so much to do! A day at a time!
I have three GRANDS to day, the 3 and 4 and 8 year old. Now they are watching the show on TV.
As for as my sewing room not much going on, to many other thing i have got to get done. OH, I will be back to my quilts and other sewing project as soon as i can.
PSALMS 118 verse 24--- This is the day of the Lord's victory; let us be happy, let us celebrate!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

in my sewing room------ Today is sewing!

Today out of the dinning room and in the sewing room, i have got 13 cheerleader uniform to sew the letter C on...............
I have been redoing my dinning room, painting and taking up the carpet to put down flooring. I have been doing all of this but my brother is going to the oak flooring for me. I have took time to read my blogs but haven't done any blogging. Everyone is making so many pretty quilts and other stuff, After i get done in the dinning room it will be time to do some Christmas decoration, it is getting here so fast, and the Grands remind me of it every day.........
Today i have the two ENERGIZE grands,a 3 and 4 year old, what one don't do the other one will, my seat don't get warm it is always up and down.........
Got a good reading on my gall bladder report no further testing! Thank God for this........
This is all for today, got to get back sewing. Hope everyone will have a great and blissful day!!!!!!! God IS GOOD!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

in my sewing room------ WHEW! this week is going fast!

Monday and Tuesday had all my grands nothing done in the sewing room..........
Wed. Had a doctor appointment in the big city of Louisville, Ky.. me and my hubby also got our flu shot. We took little fellow with us and he was good for us.... Came back to Elizabethown area and done some shopping and had lunch.........
Today ,just don't know what I will get into to today. Might make some snowman's nose for my snowmen that I will be making, also need to make a block on my quilt. I will bring my mother in law up here for the after noon and tonight for awhile to give my sister in law a change to go home and them for their bowling night.........
My thinking for today is to get a lot done, but my mind tell me not today!
This is all i got to say for today hope all will have a great day and get get allot done!

Monday, November 1, 2010

in my sewing room------ my little spooks!

Monday........Here is all of my grands in their costumes, they was so cute ! A picture of my hubby and my mother in law, she spent her Sunday with us after church...........
I have all 6 of my grands today, no school today and tomorrow and it has been a busy time. You get one meal over and them it time for a sack , they think their hungry all the time, so my time is in the kitchen until i tell say kitchen is close for a while.........
The rest of my day is just doing little thing and picking up the family room.........
Saturday i got my two new snowmen pattern can't wait to make them, they are just cute as can be.......
No sewing in my sewing room today, (I wonder why) Well got to go little fellow is in the bathroom, he is suppose to be taking a nap, I think i might need one too
Have a great week..... God is Good!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

in my sewing room------ A FREE day!

Hi all my blog friend.......
I had a free morning, I went to town and got some paint for my dinning room, and went to the vendor mall and look around, didn't buy anything, i guess it because i don't need any thing,well any way it was a good morning! This after noon i when out and decorate for Halloween it took about hour and half more or less and looks pretty good, i usually would have all my decoration done for fall but I just couldn't get to it. LOL.......... I got little cupcake tonight ,her parent is going to a party and the twins are at a friends house to go to trick or treating in their area, we have our Sunday night..........
My Friday i had little fellow and cupcake, I took little fellow to meet his mom at the doctor for his check up, he had one little spot that is not completely heal yet, but is doing really good were he had his tonsils taken out. In the afternoon I got my mother in law to come to my house and then we had to go and pick up the twins from basketball practice and meet their mom for dinner and she took cupcake and the twins home and this was my Friday...........
I need to get off, hubby came in , i got to get dinner on the table. We are also having some little trick or treat er coming in even those our is Sunday night..............
Sunday is church day and family day, hope everyone will have a blissful Sunday..........
God is good all the time!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

in my sewing room------ OOPS! Miss Wed. Thrusday agender

My Wed was not so busy, but of coarse i had little fellow and work on my spider web quilt and when and done my weekly shopping for FOOD!
Well this morning consist of playing with little fellow and them dusting the furniture, moping my bathroom, kitchen and the entry room, i don't use a mop I take a pan of water and cleaner and a rag and wipe my floor don't know why but i just do it this way. Well my little cupcake just got here for tonight and Friday so it will be busy,..She is a sweetie!
got my supper cook, it is on the cool side today ,,, a good day for chili and hot dogs, also made a chocolate pudding pie, my hubby love them..........
As for sewing I got my grandson costume alter for him so he will have it for school on Friday......
this afternoon i will be picking out stitches from a quilt that has bad stitches from the machine quilting about 3 roll to be pick out.........I hate picking out!
My mother in law is coming up this afternoon so her daughter can go home and bowling for tonight.
So this is my Thursday hope you all will have a great day!
God is good all the time!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ Tuesday project!

Well let me tell you all it is raining here and storms all around, hope everyone will be safe......
Today i have little fellow and had our little cupcake over night and until dinner today, her mom had meeting at the hospital, and let me tell you they are two busy little kiddo, but they are fun to listen to them........
My project for today was to clean the oven and do some more laundry, and to make a cover photo album for a wedding gift for someone, and to work on my quilt block. I didn't get my oven clean, but did get the photo album cover and the laundry done and hope to get to sew on my block, just depend on how the rest of the day go..........
My mother in law was washing her breakfast dishes this morning, it is the first time she has done anything since her stroke, Her daughter stay with her during the day and stay with her at night, I go down and stay with her for a few hours at night so the daughter goes home for a while...........
Well little fellow has woke up from his nap and is wanting something to eat..... this is my Tuesday hope you all will have a great day...........

Monday, October 25, 2010

in my sewing room------ Monday projects!

First... we got RAIN! thank the LORD for that! Hope we will have more to come....

Today I got some shores to be done, clean the fridge, from left over food, and clean the wash room, I seem to forget it a lot, so now is the time to clean it up........
I got little fellow today, I had 4 of my gran daughter over the week in, took them shopping and they enjoy that......
Sunday was church and family day, all the grands had a good time and in the late afternoon we when to my grandson football games, it was the last game of the season so they won and are the champion........
Update on my mother in law, she is doing good but her speech is going slow, she doesn't talk to much, just kept her in pray that her speech will get allot better......
As for my sewing room, not much getting done, I 'm going to try to get back working on my quilt top, and want to order a new snowmen pattern, I love snowman's and it will be that
time of the year very soon......
I was out before day light this morning getting my newspaper and the Amish was already out traveling, couldn't see them but hear the horses and the wagon wheel, wonder where they was going and what they was going to work on.........
Well little fellow is wanting me to hold him so this is my Monday, with God will thing Will get done......

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in my sewing room------ not much done!

Looking at all the stuff that everyone is doing make me want to do more, but the time I just don't have, and you can just do so much... I do really like reading and seeing what you all are working on and posting it on blog.
Up date on my mother in law, she is doing good, but her speech is going slow, they told us it could take 3 months for her, but it take a year for the brain to heal sometines, just kept her in your pray.
Our little fellow had his tonsil took out on Sat. and now he is doing good just don't eat very much but is drinking more, I will have him back with me on Thrusday so his mom can go back to work, thanks for the prayers and comment!
NOW, my sewing room is another story, just work on making some more pumpkins and got to finish up one more and they will be done. Maybe I need a break from the sewing room for a while,and do some fall decoration, I just can't get in the mood, does any one else get like this? Well anyway I will do something!
We had some much needed rain today not very much but it was good and we might have more on WED.
I enter a pillow, a tablerunner, and a baby quilt in the culture art fair at our county extention office 2 week ago and got 3 blue ribbons and they send them to region last week and got 3 more blue ribbons and now they will go to States next spring....
This is all I have to blog about for now, I'm going to bed and maybe I can get more done tomorrow, let you know later!
GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!every one have a bless week!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

in my sewing room------ just plan BUSY!

I know every one else is busy also, it seem like the days goes by so fast. I haven't blog in a while,since my last blog my mother in law who turn 90 in Aug. had an acute stroke a few week back, she is doing pretty good but it have mess her speech up and she is having to learn to talk, it has been hard on her and there is all way someone with her so she is not by her self, I go down in the morning so my sister in law can go for her morning walk and to feed her cat at the Barn and them 2 night a week, so she and her husband can go about their shores that need to be done. Now on Sunday she come and spend the day with us and that give them another break, that is what it is all about family helping one another.
kept her in your pray and that her speech will come back......
Last week my gran daughter had a prairie day at school so she needed an outfit made for this so i got busy and made her a long prairie dress and bonnet and also an apron, she was very cute in the outfit, i will try to get some pictures on here for you all to see soon.......and i have been making patch work pumpkins as fall gift to give away to the sick and to friends......another project is making me a fall purse, just about got it done..... i have took some pictures to post, so hope my daughter will get them on for me.....I have not got much done on my quilts that i am working on but will get back to them sometime.......
My little fellow is having his tonsil took out this Saturday so please kept him in your pray, he is 3 year old and I pray that he will make a fast recovery.......
This has been what my last few week is all about, fall break, grandchildren. some sewing project and every day thing, again god have given me the strengh that I need to do this, again GOD IS GOOD!

Friday, September 10, 2010

in my sewing room------ much needed rain!

today is a good day to be in the sewing room, I have been getting some more blocks ready to make more spider web blocks for the quilt and ironing some strip for my quilt as you go quilt, this pattern is called Amish spring quilt, I just work on it in the winter months but thought i would get it out and get it ready to work, it will be reversable ,one side will be strip in different blues and the other side is in all color prints, it is turning out good and I'm doing it all by hand, so when it done it will be DONE!Well i guess i better do the binding on it.......
I just have little fellow today and he is taking a nap, a nap does sound good but that is something i don't do is lay down and take a nap. my brain won't let me, i think of thing i need to be doing. i will have my three grandaughter this week in, their mom will be working and my grandson first football game is on Saturday so good luck to him!...
Thanking back in the days.... I was reading from another blog friend and seeing her pictures make me think of my grandma, she live in a little trailer and had a little wood stove to heat it with, i just love that little stove and would like to find one like it. I use to try to stay all night with her but i would get home sick in the late evening , i would be thinking about my dad coming home from work and mom would have supper ready ,so i just had to go home, it was in walking distance so i would tell my grandma i need to go back home and i would come and see her again. I have a pitcher that my grandma gave me when i got marry, it was a green depression glass pitcher , she would always make kool aid in it it would be orange or red or grape koolaid. I will treasures this pitcher and my grandma.....
Didn't mean to go on so this is all for now and hope everyone will have a great week in. GOD IS GOOD!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

in my sewing room------ 3 blue- 2 reds- and 1one!

Here is a picture of what I put in the fair, 3 blues 2 reds and 1 white, I just enter 6 items and got a ribbon on each one, I was proud, A piece and applique quilt was a red ribbon and a baby applique quilt was red and blues ribbon was a applique candle mat, Pillow and a t -towel, the red heart applique tables runner was a white ribbon. now I will look forward to next year. I'm going on the slow side today, guess it was because the holiday week-in was busy but i am getting some washing done and a little blogging so I guess that is something. I just have little fellow today, he has just woke up from his nap so I need to close for now . hope every one will have bless day! God is good!

Friday, September 3, 2010

in my sewing room------ FALL is in the air!

No pictures, just a few thought come to my mind........
I had the two little grands today, little fellow and cupcake........
I got some sewing done on my spider web quilt , I have been trying to do a block every day and sometime 2 blocks and it will take me 7 week to get it done, I do have some hand quilting to do on my sampler quilt, 4 more blocks and the border, and them there will be the binding to do, WHEW them it will be done..............
While my little fellow took his afternoon nap, and he does take a long nap, me and cupcake when outside so she could play and i set on the porch to watch her, the wind was blowing and it was so nice to be out and watching her made me think how time goes so fast, me and my sister would play on our farm, but we also had work to do, but this time of the year we was getting ready for school, my mom would take us to get our hair all curly and them we would get a new pair of shoes and a new dress or two and with what we had we would be ready for school. My mom was also busy at home with her canning and working on the farm to get everything done for the winter months, my Dad was Carpenter he could built anything, sometime he would take me with him to work to play with other children. When years when on and it seen like the work was hard to come by especially in the winter month thing would be hard for us but we had love and food that mom had can and milk and eggs that we have on the farm, we made it and we was a happy family, I had 1 sister and 2 brothers. one brother lives by me and my other brother lives in the city, and my sister lives in Florida, and i really do miss her don't see her very much but we talk on the phone 2 or 3 time a week.........
Well this is all for now, going to the county fair tomorrow to watch my grandson pull in the truck pull and also going to check to see if I got any blue ribbon on my stuff that i put in the fair, will let you all know a maybe some pictures. Have a great holiday week in! God is good.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ JEN AND MAMAW Birthday

This is my mother in law and my daughter birthday pictures. Jen turn 40 and mamaw turn 90. Jen was born on the 15th of Aug and mamaw was the16th. If Jen would of waited 15 minute she would of been born on mamaw birthday, she just wanted her own day. I made jen a memory quilt of pictures from birth to her family now, she was so proud of the quilt. The one block have her little dress that she wear home from the hospital in it, it was given to her by her aunt Edna. Looking at the quilt is her twin daughter, they know I was working on this quilt for her birthday and they didn't tell her, I told them it would be our secret. Mamaw does good to be 90, she does her work and has a small garden and try to do what she can. The last few week she hasn't been feeling to good, so I hope she will feel better soon. I think she need to go the doctor but she is not ready to go yet, she think she will get better in her on time.Well since the grands have been back in school, i have been doing my sewing again. The county fair is coming up and I want to put some of my stuff that i have made to be judge in the fair. This county fair is where my mom and dad would always take us when we was little, we would get to ride some of the ride,and play game, me and my sister, I remember I did get lost from them so I when and waited in the car until they found me, I was glad to see them and I stay close to mom and dad after that ordeal. Time does goes so fast, now I have grandchildren and will take them to the county fair. This is all for now, will let you know about my entries, and some pictures and hopely blue ribbons. GOD IS GOOD!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

in my sewing room------ summer fun at granny!

Summer is over for my grands, four of them had to go back to school today..........
I had six most days and some days i just had three, it just depend on their parents work schurale. Here are a few pictures of them, they had a koolaid and tea stand,they made two dollar , that made them happy. This was a play tree for them, they took old sheets and big towell and made hammock, as you can see little cupcake was in one. Some of them would be in the tree just about everyday. We have a place called the flat rock and they all would ride their bicyles to the rock and play on it until it get to hot and back to the house to cool off and snacks. They had fun but sometime they would not get along so good, it wouldn't last long and be back playing. I really do miss them but now I need a little break..........

I have little fellow the rest of the week and maybe cupcake will be here Thrusday.....

I havent been on blog in a while I just needed a break to be with the grands and to do other thing.

I haven't done much sewing but now I will get back in to it. My daughter 40th birthday is coming up and i did make a menories quilt for her, it goes to the quilter to get quilted and i will show you a pictures of it. I have also started a spider web quilt, just thought i would do a block everyday until i can get it done. I have got some painting to do in my family room and dinning room. I have got the wall paper took off the wall, That was a job i let my grands help me with and they help until we got it all done.............

My summer has been busy, Garden didn't do much so we have beem getting what we need from the amish. Got to freeze some corn and can some greenbean next week if the amish will have enough, I hope so.........

I have also had a birthday in July it was the BIG 62, so now i am sigh up for the SS!!!!!!!!!

Well this is enough for nown didn't mean to write this much, I hope every one is haveing a great summer! It was a HOT day here, the weather man said it was 102 degree. WOW!

ROMANS12; verse3 And becauseof God's gracious gift to me I say to every one of you;Do not think of yourself more highly than you should. Instread, be modest in your thinking, and judge yourself according to the amount of faith that God has given you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

in my sewing room------ 44th anniversary/ baptism

This week has been a busy week, had my cousins in from Kansas we all had a great time. we when to my home place on the farm, when my cousin was young she and her sister would stay with us in the summer time, they live in the city so they would really enjoying staying with us, she said this was the best time for her to remember. We when too our grandparent grave site and to our grandma old home place. All in all it was a good time just setting and talking about old time.....
5 of me grandchildren was baptised last Sunday it was so pretty, and such a blessing, will show you all a couple of pictures..
Friday June 18th was our anniversary, A little story about how we meet, I had when with my mom and dad that night to a dance, (a square dance) I was 17 year old at that time, but any way he came over and ask me to dance with him and I said yes, and we dance several dance together, he ask me if he could take me home and I told him he would have to ask my parent, and they said it would be OK. He took me home and before he left, he did ask me for a date for the next day and of course i said yes, if you believe in love at first sight (I did) To make a long story short, on our 6th week we was marry and life with him has been wonderful, so Friday June the 18Th it was our 44 years of marriage. I turn 18 two week after we was marry, it was young but back them but people marry young. I have a couple of love letter he mail while we was dating and he also have a couple of love letters, How time goes by, every moment we are together is a gift from god, we have so much to be thankful 2 daugther and 7 grand children so much more.

Friday, June 11, 2010

in my sewing room------ wahing and cleaning!

today Friday......... trying to get all my house cleaning and washing done up today but i just can't get going to get it done..... LOL
we do have a big week in coming up, 5 of my grandchildren are going to be baptized on Sunday afternoon after church and they will be baptized
in the same river that their pappy did when he was a young boy and their mothers, if the weather will let us, we have been having rain this week and calling for more. It is so wonderful that they have turn their life to Jesus and I will pray for each one of them to do his good deed......
I will be having my cousins in from Kansas next week, they will be staying for a few days with us, and going to be visiting with other family member, it have be many years since we have been together, so it will be fun to see them......
I have been quilting on my sampler quilt, maybe in 2 or 3 week it will be done, I hope so anyway........
tonight when and done my groceries shopping and had dinner out with my hubby......
well the most of my work got done for today and you can say a good day! ready to turn in. nite nite!
Mark 10; verse 16 Then he took the children in his arms. placed his hands on each of them, and blessed them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

in my sewing room------ for me garden time!

sorry, I hit enter before i had this post done LOL.... but any way me and my husband will be doing some gardening today or I hope we will. I do have little fellow today so I guess he will want to help also.....
When our girls was little they would have their own little garden to work in while we was working in our garden, now the girls works and don't have time for a garden so we just have a big garden for the family...
Back to quilting, I just have 4 more blocks to hand quilt and them the border to do, I could get it done in another week if I can kept quilting on it. I am so ready to move on to another quilt to work on........
I need to close now until the next time have a great week!
1Thessalonians 5 ; verse 23- May the God who gives us peace make you holy in every way and kept your whole being- spirit, soul, and body- free from every fault at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

in my sewing room------ for me garden time!

I have not been blogging for a while (needed a break) So today I'm back on just to tell you it has been a busy Holiday weekin, baseball, softball, graduation, and the party for Taylor and her boyfriend they both graduate together..........

Sunday, May 23, 2010

in my sewing room------ bed time for me!

I was getting ready for bed, but i thought i would check my blog first, Them I thought i would write a few lines, so here goes.....Sunday, church, dinner and the family was here......
late Sunday when and put flowers on my mother and father grave site......
The rain was over Friday night, we had a beautiful week in.....
I haven't been doing much, me and pappy had to have more test done this week and I have been doing some hand quilting, got two more rolls to go, it sure is turning out good, and also been going the the grands, ball games and of course taking care of the little fellow and cupcake, I will have them on Monday, and Monday night back to the ballgame.......
Just a short note from me to you all, Hope everyone will have a great week!
Corinthians 1; verse 3 May god our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.

in my sewing room------

Monday, May 17, 2010

in my sewing room----Where have the time gone.. SENIOR PROM!

My granddaughter Taylor, senior prom, when she come to be with us she was 6 years old, the tree in the back ground was planted by her and her mom( My daughter) to me it seem like we just had her senior prom, she will be 40 her birthday, well back to Taylor 's prom, she is a very tall girl and her boyfriend is a lot taller than her, they sure do make a beautiful couple. She shared a little of her glamour with her sisters, Mattie, Josie, and Stevie Nicole.She is getting ready for college , my wish for her that may all her dream come true. She is a big part of us and we love her so and Congratulation To you Taylor!
Today Monday I have Will the little fellow, and Stevie, My cupcake, so it will be a busy day, hope to get some hand quilting done today, I have already got my house work done from the week in, and doing some laundry also........
A very good week in. work on the yard most of the day Saturday , them we had some friends came from Louisville for the late afternoon visit and we set on the front porch and talk and had a good time, the Amish came down the road so they enjoy seeing them. A Storm started to come up and they thought they needed to hear back home.........
It sure was a Storm we had high wind and hell, my husband just got the tractor in the barn and he had to stay there until it was over, when he came in he had some hell stones that was size of a quarter...... Well this was my week in, hope you had a great one also...
1 Thessalonians 4; verse 11-12 Make it your aim to live a quiet life, to mind your on business, and to earn your on living, just as we told you before. In this way you will win the respect of those who are not believers, and you will not have to depend on anyone for what you need.


Monday, May 10, 2010

in my sewing room------- Stevie 4 th birthday!

Today Monday, hope every one had a good mother day week in........
Sunday was our little cupcakes birthday, she was four. this is a picture of her and her mom, she was being a little shy, she had a really nice birthday, she loves butterflies so her theme party was done in butterflies, we had her birthday on friday night, because her mother works the week in at the hospital............She is now the big 4 years old!
Saturday, we when to my grandson , Jesse's baseball game, he had 2 games and it was cold and windy so I when and set in the van with Will and Stevie Nicole so they wouldn't be in the wind, We could watch the ballgame and be warm.......
Sunday, was like our reg Sunday I got dinner, them off to church, my daughter and family and my mother in law, who is like a Mom to me, she is a very sweet, she will be 90 her birthday, they all came back to the house for the afternoon. My older daughter couldn't be with us, she had to work, when you work has a nurse at the Hospital you has to be there. I did have her Girls with us, it was a very good Sunday.........
Well today Monday, just in a mood, don't know what I want to do, I do need to clean the house a little today, maybe some sewing, just can't get going , I do have the little fellow, so we will be busy doing something...........
Today, I want to think God for every day he has given me and strenght and ability to do what I can do. Until next time I hope you all will have a great week !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

in my sewing room----- I won again!

Good morning in blog land..... I have my little cup cake and little fellow today!
I won another blog give away, it was McCall's quilt magazine and have so many pretty quilts in it. Thanks so much to Ann Hemes for the giveaway. I will try to make your little quilt ,very pretty...
To day I will be binding a quilt for my grandson, he said this is his favorite fabric, it is the cartoon cars fabric, he seen it at walmart and want it so his mom, got it and I quilted it on Tuesday, turn out very cute, I told his mom that he has been in my sewing room to much, he is 2 yrs old and already picking his favorite fabric.........
I will do some more yard work outside today when little fellow take his nap, I guess i will work around the deck and clean the flower bed, I need to work on my water pond, but I haven't decide if I want to kept it or do away with it....... LOL
A prayer today for a friend that found out she have cancer, I prayer that if it is God will that it can be heal. Pray for her......
Over the week in I went and pick up my quilt from the quilter, she done a very good job on it, so that is on my list to be bound, maybe this week.......
I have been reading in the book of Proverbs so I will have a verse from here today....... Proverbs 16; verse 23- Truth, wisdom, learning, and good sense- these are worth paying for, but too valuable for you to sell.

Friday, April 30, 2010

in my sewing room--------- Friday already!

GOSH, it is already Friday.......
My Wednesday was busy, had two little ones, and done some hand quilting, and works on the charm quilt.........
Thursday, not as much got done, but finish my 9 patch up on the charm quilt,now i got to do some applique work on the blocks, when to the store to do my shopping for the week, it is so sad because I would always go to the fabric department and get what i would need, and now it is gone........ LOL
Friday, I just have little fellow today, play with him the most of the morning, he is watching his show now and eating a snack. Today I will do some cleaning and hopely some hand quilting. There is so much I would like to do on the outside but it is hard for me to kept up with little fellow, if I'm working around front he want to be in the back, so It is better for me to do work inside and them just take him out to the play area for a while. ..........
This is going to be my day, hope you day will be a good day!
Today verse.....Romans 8: verse 28- We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom who he has called according to his purpose.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

in my sewing room----- Tuesday post

Today more rain rain and rain!
This morning fed my little grands.......
Done my washing......
clean the kitchen......
got to work on my charms 9 patch a little while.........
fix lunch for the grands and myself....
little fellow nap time.........
cupcake was busy playing so I done some hand quilting, almost the no. 2 roll is finish....
Cupcake daddy came and pick her up......
Now time to take little fellow to meet his mom.......
back home cooking supper for the hubby, he will be home soon.....
clean the kitchen, hand quilted a little, now blogging........
watch some TV with hubby.......
Bed time .....
You see my days are pretty much the same......
Verse for today:2 Thessalonians 2; V;16-17 May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and in his grace gave us unfailing courage and a firm hope, 17 encourage you and strengthen you to always do and say what is good.

Monday, April 26, 2010

in my sewing room---------- A COLD Monday!

Today was no day to be out side...... This was my Monday, Had my two little ones today, we play hide an seek this morning, and when they got tired or I should say when Granny got tired .... It was time for one of the show they like to watch, so i made them a snack and them clean the kitchen..... The rest of the house was clean, so I went to my quilt and done some hand quilting on it, getting along pretty good on it, hope I can get another block roll done this week, just have to see how the week goes.... Well moving on from the quilt, the TV program was over and they (grands) was busy again, so I thought they could help me pull the wall paper off the wall and they done good at this, got half of one wall done and one short wall to go......... now lunch time, feed the little ones and of course me, so I read the daily paper, while they watch another program and them it was time for little fellow to take his nap........Little cupcake think she to big to take a nap so she just play her little music and talk with me while I'm doing some more quilting...........time move on little fellow is up from his nap so the little ones are back to being busy and I'm back in the kitchen ....them it time to take little fellow to meet his mom and now back home to finish supper for pappy and cupcake...... now I'm blogging and soon it will be bed time........ Nite nite to all.... Thessalonians 3; verse 16- May the Lord himself, who is our source of peace, give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with you all.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

in my sewing room------- more RAIN on this Sunday!

Hi to all my blog friend, Sunday is almost over, where does the time goes....... I cook my dinner this morning and them got ready for church and off we go, them back home with all of the grands and family for the rest of the day....... now all has gone home except one ,it is our little cupcake Stevie she will be here until her dad pick her up on Tuesday, the both work long hrs so it is better for her to stay here........ I will also have little fellow, Will on Monday so it will be a full day.
On Saturday me and my hubby did take my quilts to the quilter, and on the way home I stop at some primitive stores and a junk store, I'm looking for a corner cabinet for my sewing room, I know what i want ,just haven't found the right kind. Didn't get any hand quilting done but that OK because I don't get out to much to look around, it was very enjoyable day.
This was my week in , and hope every one will have a great week!
Corinthians 1; verse 3- May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace. Amen.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

in my sewing room----------- ITS RAINING!

Here it is, already A Saturday morning, were does the time goes..... Well any ways This week as been a good week , A busy week ,not a lot of sewing, but I'm hand quilting on my sampler quilt and it is going good. I also have been doing spring cleaning, i still got a lot to do but it will get done or I hope..... I've been wanting to redo my dinning room, new flooring and paint, but I got to get the wall paper off the wall before I can get going on it, with me not feeling very good, thing is going slower, it will eventually get done. I manage to get out side to do some yard work and to get my flowers and bushes ready for mulch, AH, there is so much to do! Of course I have my 2 yrs old Will ( little fellow) all week and he is one busy little fellow, and a couple of days I had Stevie,( little Cupcake) so with them you have to take time to play with them and they like to be outside to play on the swing set and among other things........ Today no grands, this is the first week in ,in awhile that they haven't been here for the week in..... so I am going to take one of my quilt to the quilter to be quilted and taking a cheater cloth quilt for another lady to get quilted. the rest of the day is a free day for me, guess I will do some more hand quilting or maybe just take it easy, let you know later what will get done. hope you have a great week in! COLOSSIANS 4; verse 2-Be persistent in prayer, and keep alert as you pray, giving thanks to God.

Monday, April 19, 2010

in my sewing room-------I was a winner of a giveaway!

I got the wonderful giveaway from GRANNY Quilt, it was a purse pattern and quilt blocks, (very pretty) and a cute purse pattern. also a case to carry your scissors in. Thank very much. As you know I would like to show you all the pictures But my daughter is busy and don't have the time. LOL.... just a short blog today, hope every is having a good day, as for me I'm still not feeling good, but have been doing some hand quilting and is going pretty good. This is all for now, and until later........John 12; verse 44- Jesus said in a loud voice, "Whoever believes in me believes not only in me but also in him who send me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

in my sewing room---------- UP coming ball player

Today Sunday, was a very good day we all when to church and back home for dinner , all the grands ,got to play out side today. It was a beautiful day every thing is blooming out so pretty. My time of the year, every thing is coming back to live.
My grandson had baseball practice this afternoon so off to the ball park, my older daughter when home ,she had some work to do and get ready for work on Monday, so we took all the children with us, and while my grandson play ball, we took the rest of them over to the park ,it is by the baseball field and we could see him play also. This was about a 2 hrs practice,So when this was over my younger daughter and family when home and we headed home to , we still had 3 grandaughter with us, we was taking them home later. The picure is of my little fellow and our little cupcake.This Sunday is about to be over, I hope everyone had a GREAT SUNDAY! 1 Corinthians 16 ; verse 23 -24 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with. 24 - My love be with you all in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

in my sewing room----Easter Again!

This is a Easter Sunday morning, picture of me and pappy and my three grands, JESSE, Laura And little fellow,, Will ,look at his face , this was taken before we when to church, I had a small dinner for us when we got back ,my mother in law was here also, we had another eggs hunt for then in the afternoon. So we had two Easter get to gather, Friday I had all of my family and later on that night the older daughter and her family left for Florida for vacation.
Monday, had a doctor appointment, so after that,we when and spend the afternoon with some friends, took little fellow with us and he enjoy it also. No sewing today!
Today, had to clean my wash room, it was getting messy, so it was clean up time. When to Jen (my daughter) house to take care of their animals while they are gone. As the day goes on I done some hand quilting on my sampler quilt, sure have a a way to go before it is done. Took little fellow to meet his mom to go home, he will tell me I love you granny and miss you, he is so sweet! This is what my three days have been like, what about your, Here it is a beautiful day but windy! Have a GREAT night! Psalms 91; Verse 1-2 Whoever goes to the Lord for safety, whoever remains under the protection of the Almighty, 2 can say to him, "You are my defender and protector. you are my God; in you I trust."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

in my sewing room---HAPPY EASTER!

My Thursday was busy, had the little fellow , done some house cleaning and when shopping to get some stuff i needed for my Easter dinner, no sewing today.
Friday I had little fellow and cupcake, also had one of the twin, Mophead, she had a ear infection and fever so she couldn't go to school. I made two cakes and started my cooking because I was having my Easter dinner tonight, the reason was because my older daughter and her family was leaving for Florida for vacation, and I wanted everyone to be together for Easter. Around 6o'clock we had our meal, and the big egg hunt for the grands, they couldn't wait for us to get the meal over ,so they could find the eggs, My niece and sister-in-law help hide the eggs and the mothers, and great grandmother kept the kids in the house, when all the eggs was hide, the grands line up at the door with the younger ones first ,and out they when, and the fun be gain. Well it is over, and the family's are leaving, I told them that Florida is a long way,and that was to far for me. time for me to clean up the kitchen , and I had 2 of my grands to stay all night.
Saturday, when to take care of my daughter animals while they are gone, took one of my granddaughter home, and my grandson is staying again tonight, he help us with yard work today. my neighbor gave me some blackberry plants, he dug the holes for me, he is ten yrs old and is a big help, he also mow some of our yard while pappy mow the rest.
A Easter memories, My sister and me walk to school, I was in the first grade and my sister was in the third grade, we had a uncle who was in the eighth grade and he would walk us to and from school, Easter weekin was coming up, and he had a big bag of jelly bean candy, he would share them with us on the way home, I ask him where did he got his jelly beans candy and he told us, he got them from the Easter bunny and that he live in the cemetery and I believe him, Now my uncle is in construction work and he does our work for us when we need something done. One more little story, last Sunday at our church, during children time, the preacher ask a question, he ask what was Easter and who was coming back, one of my granddaughter said, it was Easter and the Easter bunny was coming back alive, everyone got tickle, so let remember what Easter is all about, and every one have a GREAT EASTER DAY! John 20-22; verse 21 Jesus said to them again,Peace be with you. As the father sent me,so I send you. 22 Then he breathed on them and said,"received the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

in my sewing room-------- rag balls

My Monday started off by making primitive rag balls made out of old quilts and also made t-towel with the old quilt hanger on them and got them ready to coffee stain them. I have made a old time stump doll to get finish and old quilt candle mat. I'm doing these for a primitive shop. My little fellow when down for his nap, so I put a binding on my quilt that I got back from the quilter, it turn out real pretty.
My Tuesday, more rag balls and I had a old vintage quilt top that hasn't been quilt so I got it layer with the muslin lining and batting to hand quilt, this morning. This afternoon I got my sampler quilt ready to hand quilt also, so it will be a while before it is quilted, hand quilting goes slow for me. I put the sampler quilt in my big frame and the old vintage quilt in the lap frame , I can work on this when I watching TV.
Memories, one of my blogger friend was making ice cream with her granddaughter, and it made me think of how we would go to my grandmother and she would have home made ice cream made the old fashion way , it was so good, and she would always have a spice cake made, we would go and see her on the week in, so she would be ready for us. Grandma and my Aunt Betty would come by on Sunday morning and get me and my sister and walk to church with us, those are thing you just don't for get. I hope the thing I do with my Grands they will always remember them. I could say more but this is all for now, have a blessful night. Psalms 52; v- 9 I will always thank you, God, for what you have done, in the presence of your people I will proclaim that you are good. Amen.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

in my sewing room------- where old where does the time goes!

another week have come and gone, my Friday, my little fellow was running a fever so I call his mother at work to tell him and she said to bring him to meet her and take him to the doctor, a ear infection and tonsils was swollen, so they put him on some meds. and he is doing better. little fellow when home with his mom and I came home to wait for the gran daughter to come for the week in, their parents had to work , ,it was my little cupcake, weasel, and the mop head, their nicknames. And on with the Saturday, I just done some house work and the girls enjoyed playing outside a lot today, so I guess you could say it was a good day. Sunday, Cook dinner, made my older gran daughter her favorite, fried chicken, she say, granny you make the best chicken, she turn 18 last Friday and it just don't seem possible, but any way, we all got ready for church ,so when we get back dinner will be ready. Our younger daughter and family didn't get to come up for church and dinner today, it was just the grands, and my mother in law was here for dinner. We when to my older daughter house tonight for Tay 18th birthday party and it turn out real good all of my family was there, this is her last year of high school and she is getting ready for college, oh how time goes by, she is a beautiful young lady and a lot to look forward to, may God be with her and kept her safe. I guess this is enough for today getting late, got to get some rest and be ready for little fellow on Monday. Hope everyone will have a blessful week! Philippians 4; V- 23 May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

in my sewing room----------LEAFY TUESDAY!

So my Monday when good, I did get the borders on my garden spring quilt and it is ready to be quilted. Today, I've done some housework but my project was making 36 leaves for my sampler quilt border, and 18 flowers and they are on the border now and ready to be applique, I guess if every thing go good on Wednesday, I will be appliqueing, when this is done I will put it in the frames to be hand quilted. I have one more quilt I like to get done before the weather get real pretty, it will be garden time and more outside work, not only that the grands will want to be outside, so the inside work will go a little slower. this was my Tuesday, hope you had a good day! 1 Thessalonians 5 ; V-28 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

in my sewing room--------Monday and a good week in

hi to everyone in blog land, I like to say thanks to you all for wishing me well, and I am feeling better. I work outside most of the day Friday doing yard work and now I have got a head cold. My saturday, we when to my grand daughter basket ball game, she diidn't win, but they had a good time. them off the the big walmart to do some shopping, they are doing away with their fabric department, I think everyone is hating that, I know I am. My Sunday, to church, all the family here for dinner and the afternoon, we enjoy being together. Monday, pappy when to the dollor store this morning to get a few thing, and came back with to horns for our grandbabys, the 2 and 3 year old, so I have some very loud music, A big thanks To pappy! don't know how much sewing I will get done today, but hope I can get the border on my quilt. or maybe to finish a pageant casual wear, just has to see how the day goes. Hope everyone will have a great week! until later! Thimothy 1; v-2 I give thanks to God, whom I serve with clear conscience, as my ancestors did. I thank him as I remember you always in my prayers night and day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

in my sewing room------------ HELLOOOOOOOO!

All ready Monday, ,,, the weeks are flying by, I didn't get very much done last week, just the same everyday routine. since I had the virus, I just can't get to feeling good ,so I 'm going in slow motion. Well any way, just thought I would say a few work on my blog today, I did think I wouldn't write on my blog until I can do some pictures of my quilts and other things that i work on, i know i enjoy seeing your all pictures and what every you all like to show, it make the blog more better when you show pictures. well any way I might not write to much, but will follow my follower and leave comment, and sometime i will leave a blog. I do have my quilt on the month quilt top about done, just some filler blocks and trim and it will be ready to quilt. hope every one has a great week. Romans 12; verse 11. work hard and do not be lazy. Serve the Lord with a heart full of devotion.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

in my sewing room--- WHAT A PICTURE!

This has been a beautiful Sunday, a good day to be on the out side, the grand kids got to play out today, they all had a good time. My younger daughter help me to remove some of my wallpaper in my dinning room, just to see how the streamer would work and it done good.We didn't go to church today because of the virus, some of us has had the virus, the little cupcake had it yesterday, so we hope the twins don't get it. We have a small church with old people, so we thought we need to stay home today. I cook dinner and just had a good day with the family, my older daughter work today so she couldn't be here, but their kids was here.
The older daughter has 4 girls Tay, is the oldest, then the twins they are in the pink and green dresses, we use to called them weasel and mop head ,they use to have long hair, they cut their hair to donated to a place that make wigs for children. the weasel, was so little ,and when she would move around we just thought of a weasel, and mop head had long dark hair and it was curly, so her hair would mess up easy that how she got that nickname,And them there is cupcake that what I called her, but pappy called her sugar babe, she like them both, she is the little girl that got her hands in her mouth. My younger daughter, children are the two boys and the girl in the dark pink dress, she is the princess, she use to do pageant and now she is in to sport and cheer leading. Of course there is little fellow who I have everyday during the week. the big guy, He love to go with pappy on the week in to eat breakfast out, but so does weasel,. Well these are my grandchildren, they are all so precious, we have been very Bless' hope you all had a great Sunday, and a Good week. Until later! Psalms 136; Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

in my sewing room--------Didn't get as much done!

My Wednesday---the little fellow mom had a virus so he didn't get here until lunch, so I did get the rest of my blocks ready to be applique.The rest of the day when pretty fast, then it was time to take little fellow to meet his mom, , supper ,clean the kitchen, and back to the sewing room.
Thursday---- everything was back to normal, I had little fellow and cupcake to day, so it was a busy day, it is so cute to watch them, they play good for awhile and then not so good, but it all work out, laundry, and cleaning all done, and when pappy got home from work , we will go out to supper and do our weekly shopping.
WELLLLLLLL FRIDAY not so good I had the virus and was down all day and nothing got done, was glad pappy didn't work today, he help take care of little fellow. end of story!
Saturday I was better, I when to my friend quilt shop, she has a new janome 6500 and she haven't use it so I brought it back with me and see how i would like it, can't wait to try it out. when to the furniture store and own to the drug store and back home, got a new container with drawer and put ec. quilt top and pieces , that I'm working on in each drawer, looks very neat. When to my son in law 40th birthday party tonight, we had a good time. I have 4 of my grands tonite, they wanted to spend the night. their nickname, weasel, mop head, cupcake, and big guy. They are all so precious and so different, we are truly bless. This is all for now, hope you all have a great night and a peaceful Sunday. until later Peter 1 verse 5 They are for you , who through faith are kept safe by God's power for the salvation which is ready to be revealed at the end of time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

in my sewing room-------- My Monday and Tuesday!

Monday------ I was going to have my little fellow today but he had a virus so he was at home. I had my little cupcake until after lunch, her dad pick her up, and that left me with a free after noon, I call my good friend from quaint quilt , to see if she wanted to go to a fabric shop in Brownsville, and she said she would love too, so we headed out for the afternoon, we did enjoy our the trip. Back to my little fellow, I call when i got home and he was doing better.
Tuesday------- Got my little fellow back today, and he is sure busy, and back to feeling good, ( I'm glad). My neighbor Sue ,was over this morning, and show me her new book, it was a very nice book of her blog, I have made a book of my blog but I haven't got it yet. I show Sue, some of my quilt that i have been working on, I have got 2 more blocks to go on my welcome spring quilt, and then it will be ready for applique work.To day in my mailbox was a new pattern I order, it is a table runner, can't wait to make it. Wish I could show you a picture.LOL I got beans and cornbread made for supper, I just got to add a little more to go with it and supper will be done. This was my Monday and Tuesday, hope you all have a great day! until later,,,,,,, Verse for today is , Romans 5; verse 5 This hope does not disappoint us, for God has poured out his love into our hearts by means of holy spirit, who is God's gift to us.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

in my sewing room-------- A Birthday party!

A Sunday, A birthday party for my baby girl who turn 38 on the 25Th, had all the family here except one a son in law, he had to work. MY oldest daughter and her family just left, We all had a wonderful time together. The grand kids love to be together to play, I know when I was young , (way back when) any ways we would like for our cousins to come and play or stay the night with us, if there was no school they could stay a week with us, we live in the country and my cousins live in the city. I could never stay away from home ,I would get so home sick, guess I was 13 year old before i stay over night with my best friend, and I made it all night. Well any way that enough of this story. I went and pick up my garden twist quilt from the quilter, it turn out so pretty, very please with it. WEllllll, for Monday don't know what I will work on, got several thing going, so will let you know later about what I can get done. Have my little granddaughter, tonight ,she is my cupcake and her pappy sugar baby. Her mom has a long day at the hospital tomorrow, so we kept her over night. I will have my little 2 year old grandson , on Monday, he is my little busy busy little fellow, but is so sweet, he will say granny I need to hug you, it melt you heart. This is all for now hope everyone will have a great week, The Lord will bless everyone! Verse for today is PSALMS 40 ; verse 5 You have done many things for us , O Lord our God; there is no one like you! You have made many wonderful plans for us.

Friday, February 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ CLEANING DAY

Here it is Friday, so I think today is the day to clean my sewing room, I'm sorry to my follower for not getting my pictures on here, some day I will be able to do this , I know I like to see pictures of what the quilt bloggers are doing/working on. Don't have much to write today, will do my cleaning, and if i have time i will work on a tables runner. Hope everyone will have a GReat Day. HAPPY SEWING TO ALL! Today I will leave you with this, Enjoy the little things in life,for one day you,ll look back and realize they were the big things.

Monday, February 22, 2010

in my sewing room----------already Monday!

Well Sunday was a beautiful day,the grandchildren got to play out side today ,and it was very good day with the family. Today has been a busy day, for a while this morning i had my grandson the two yrs old , his mother pick him up early today, so I just had the 3 yrs old granddaughter. I got all of my washing and ironing done and put away and the housework is done, so I got to do a little sewing in my sewing room, I got 2 more 18 inch blocks made for my quilt and got the other blocks ready to be applique, so after all of this it is time to do some kitchen duty, my granddaughter like to help me, sometime good and sometime not so good, but that is OK.She like to set in my lap when I'm sewing and play with my container of buttons. I'm not going to bore you all any longer, I know you like to see pictures so maybe my daughter will put them on. This was my Monday hope you all had a great day too! PSALMS;9 verse 1- I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the wonderful things you have done.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

in my sewing room---------Not so Charmed!

Well another day is about over , I didn't get any sewing done on my charmed quilt, my plans was to make so many 9 patch square ,but my day ran out on me. I did get some hand sewing done on my sampler quilt and the rest of the scallops iron on the border, and now they are ready to be sewn, I do this when I'm watching TV. I also got two 18 inch blocks done on my welcome spring quilt and it does look like spring, it is the soft color, and we had sunshine to day and that was even better. so you could say I got some of my sewing done today plus the everyday housework and taking care of my little grandson and on Friday I will have a 2 yrs old and my 3 year old, I guess it will be a busy Friday. I when tonight to do my weekly shopping so this is done and put away,( needed to get snacks for the grandkids). I need to go to the fabric shop to get a few things, maybe I can go on the week in, this will be a treat for me to go there. This is all for now,this was my Thursday how about your day, good I hope. Until later..................John 3; verse 31 He who comes from above is greater than all. He who is from the earth belongs to the earth and speak earthly matters, but he who comes from heaven is above all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in my sewing room--------- Tired today!

On Monday I just couldn't get my thought together to do what I wanted to work on, I got my container out that has my underground railroad book and fabric, so I thought I would cut it out, but I didn't have enough of my natural fabric, that i want it to use, so i put it back up, pull out another container, so I started cutting out this pattern, call welcome spring, and finish cutting it today, but last night I was looking at some books and one of them was a book call charms quilts so I had some pieces already cut and I got them out to work on too, this is something I don't like to do , because I just do one project at a time but I thought I could work on both of them when I have the time. I am still working on my sampler it is all hand work, I got 4 scallops done and got 10 more to go and the corner and flower and leaves. today I had my grand kids they was out of school because of the snow, so I have been busy with them, My granddaughter birthday was today, we will have her birthday party on Saturday, she was 8 today, the time is going so fast and as we get older it seem like it even goes faster. I can remember when I was 8, were have time gone ,but no complain, been bless with a wonderful husband and 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren, I thank My God every day for our blessing! I sure hope our snow is over, but the weather man said more could be coming in, Won't be to much longer until spring will be here, and I will be glad. I hope everyone had a good day. I love this , If God brings you to it....He will bring you through it ! This is so true. Have FAITH Until later ! Connie

Sunday, February 14, 2010

in my sewing room--------- Our sunday

It was a cold, but a good day, the family was at church today ,except my older daughter ,she is a nurse and it was her week in to work, she work in the E R at the hospital. My 7 grandchildren, and daughter and my granddaughter boyfriend and my mother in law was here for lunch today, some of them play monopoly, and pappy, play card with two of the grand kid, all in all a good day. so now I'm in the sewing room, but not sewing, on the computer (BLOGGING). I wrote on my blog last night about my friend,who is starting her blog, and was having trouble with the blog so she started it over again and here is her new blog, I when there and it work good for me so check her out, when she get her pictures going of her shop and her projects she should have a good blog, so check her out. My granddaughters made us some cute valentines card, wish i could show the cards, but can't.Here is my verse for today Ephesians; 3 verse 17-18 and I pray that Christ will make his home in your hearts through faith. I pray that you may have your roots and foundation in love, 18 so that you, together with all God's people,may have the power to understand how broad and long, how high and deep, is Chist love. HOPE EVERYONE WILL HAVE A GRAT WEEK!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

in my sewing room------ A new blogger!

My friend from Quaint Quilt, is coming on to blog with us, she has a quilt shop and will be doing pictures and her sewing project,It will take her awhile to get her pictures ready, so every one Check out her Blog! UNTIL LATER, CONNIE

in my sewing room--------------A Sauaturday night!

I have all of my grandchildren to night, well 5 out of 7, The older one is at home and the younger is also at home, I have a 10 yrs, two, 9yrs and a 7 yrs and a 3 yrs old so it has been kind of busy. I haven't post in a few day, just been busy with everyday thing. I do get some sewing done everyday ,this week I made a pageant casual wear size 4-5 it will be listed on eBay, if you want ,take a look at it.Here it is ,going to be a Sunday again ,it sure does get here in a hurry ,the older I get it seem like the days goes faster, LOL. When we was young ,the time when real slow, we couldn't wait for a week in to get here. But any way, I just wish I could get my pictures on here, it just seem like my daughter is busy and doesn't have time to do it for me. maybe some sometime I will have a better computer and will be able to do this,, hope so .WE are suppose to get more snow Sunday Monday And Tuesday, I am so ready for SPRING, I'm glad we don't have the big snow that other states has got, but we have enough. I hope every one have a blessful Sunday and a very happy valentines day. HAPPY BLOGGING!ROMANS; 11 verse -36 For all things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory forever! AMEN.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

in my sewing room-------------A uno afternoom

Hi everyone, this have been a very good Sunday, We when to church and one of my daughter and her daughter's came back for lunch, I had made chicken salad last night for sandwiches and made soup and salad this morning, for dessert I made a pudding pie so after lunch when ever thing was clean up, we all play the card game uno. It has been along time since I have play a card game, we use to play card with family and friend every week in, but with time ,thing changes, my daughter said she would like to start doing this again. so maybe our Sunday afternoon will be for that, I really enjoy my family being here on Sundays.My younger daughter couldn't come to day so we miss her and her kiddo not being here.Well with the start of another week I guess on Monday I will start a pageant casual wear to list on eBay, I want to start another quilt or work on the one to get it ready to hand quilt, I did take pictures ,for my daughter to put on here for me of the quilt and the finish table runner also there was a cheater cloth baby top that I quilted last week. The weather man is talking about we might get snow again hope it will miss us like it did the last time, we just got a dusting. Well this was my Sunday ,Hope you all had a GREAT DAY and have A GREAT WEEK! PHILIPPIANS 4; verse 6-- Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart.

Monday, February 1, 2010

in my sewing room--------------- freehand quilting

I had three of my grandchildren today so I didn't do much sewing, they wanted me to play a board game with them and that take awhile. I did try freehand quilting on the Valentine table runner, I have got the all over meandering Down pat ,but it is doing the design freehand style, i guess I have just got to kept working with it, this is something that I really want to do, I just love what you can do on freehand style. I made a pot of veg soup and corn bread for our supper tonight so I thought I would make my husband a cocoa cream pie. when we was little my mom would make the best cream pies and we got to take a spoon and clean out the pan ,it was so good. MY grandaugther who is 7 yr old done the same thing to days she had the pan almost shiny clean, and the done the meringue bowl the same way ,it was the same as her mom did also when she was little. Well this is all about that, Hope to get more done tomorrow, I need to get another pageant casual wear done, so maybe I will start this project. AH! there is so much I like to do but it is not enough time in a day. Hope everyone have a great week. Until next time, maybe I will have some pictures of my finish table runner and my sampler quilt.------John 3; verse 32 He who comes from above is greater than all. He who is from the earth belongs to the earth and speaks about earthly matters, but he who comes from heaven is above all.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is my Valentine Tablerunner that i have to quilt and put my binding on and my Garden Twist Quilt Top.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in my sewing room-------------LET US DO THE TWIST!!

Woo hooooo! I have finish the garden twist top, now I got to decide if I'm going to hand quilt or machine quilt the top, what every i decide it will be a finish quilt. I got out my sampler top and getting it ready for the border and will applique the scallops and flowers on it and it will be ready to quilt and I will hand quilt this quilt. I really like doing applique quilts. Just a block at a time,and it is finally done and each. block can be different. Hopely my daughter will post a picture for me tonight, it just depend on how busy she will be when she get home from work.This is all for now until later, HAPPY STITCHING! PROVERBS 10; VERSE 22 It is the Lord's blessing that makes you wealthy. Hard work can make you no richer.'

Sunday, January 24, 2010

in my sewing room----------The week end!

My Saturday starts off in the sewing room, i got the rest of my 5 3/4 blocks trim for the quilt that I'm doing (GARDEN TWIST) ,each block is 15 inches and it have been allot of cutting and sewing, but I just have 7 more blocks to go and it will be call a quilt, the size is 80x95 3/4 inches.this was my Sat. morning, and now it time for the grandaugther's the( twins) basketball game and I really do enjoy watching them, my grandson season is over with and his sister was a cheerleader and her season is over with also, I do enjoy watching all of them! The grandaugther's came home with us but their little sister couldn't come because she has the flu. She is doing much better now. We was going to work on their quilt but got sidetrack because of a new game and this was my Sat. Sunday was church, family here for dinner all except my daughter ,she had to work today ,she is a nurse at the local hospital. All in all it was a very good week end , and tonight I did get to make two of my block and check my blog which I enjoy very much. Well this all for a very good Sunday, Hope your was also!---------psalms 136; verse 1 , Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

in my sewing room-------------- rain! rain! rain!

Today in my sewing it seem like I just couldn't stay with my sewing, it must be the weather. LOL! anyway I did get some of my pink sq. and and triangles put together so maybe on Friday I can get more done, if all goes well this top will be done next week.Wednesday I got out another quilt that i have been working on ,it is a (quilt as you go) strip piecing, each block is 10 inches and its going to make a big quilt, but I still have got a lots of block to go. When and if I get it done it will be a reversible quilt one side is in all different color fabric and the other side is done all in blues, so for it is making up pretty. Tonight I had to go to the store for food, will have the grandchildren this week in and they love to eat, maybe not the good food, but what they can have at Granny's house. I also got them a new board game to play this week in. I think the granddaughters is going to work a little on their quilt, they will pick their fabric out to trim their block and I am going to let them use the sewing machine with my help, and talking about sewing machine, I had to take mine to be repair ,it will be about 7 day before I can pick it up so I'm using the little machine it does OK and will be good for the girls to learn on. This is all for now hope everyone will have a wonderful day tomorrow. until later HAPPY SEWING!--------PROVERBS 10; verse 32 Righteous people know the kind thing to say, but the wicked are always saying things that hurt.

Monday, January 18, 2010

in my sewing room-----------------casual wear

I have been to the doctor today in Louisville KY , so I didn't get any sewing done today but planning on sewing some tonight, I will have my 2 and 3 year grand kids tomorrow and it will be a busy day. My new picture in my header is the quilt that i made back in the 1970, I guess you can tell by the fabric that is in it. I don't use this quilt, I guess I like to kept it looking good, It is all done by hand and quilted by me and my mother in law. The very first quilt i made was two dutch girl twin size quilt for my daughters when they was little. My mother- in -law and my sister -n -law would come and up and help me to do all of the applique work on them , I still have them and will give them to the my daughters to have. The old sewing machine came from the flea market several year back, my daughter found it for me, she thought i would like it. The little chair in the picture is use for a pin cushion, the pattern is very old ,my mother use to make them a long time ago and I have the pattern and made this one to use. Well I could go on, but this is all i need to sew some. Until next time. HAPPY SEWING!-----------Romans 5 ; verse 1 Now that we have been put right with God through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

in my sewing room--------------SEWING!

Back in the sewing room sewing on my garden twist quilt top, this pattern is one of wal- mart quilt of the month pattern and is the first time I have done their pattern, so it coming along, I have one more black block to do, but before I will do the pink blocks I will have to finish a pageant casual wear for valentine, so I try to get sewing done on both of them when I can. We went to my grandson ballgame today and had breakfast out this morning and done some shopping for the week. I will have my husband 66th birthday dinner tomorrow after church ,so all the family will be here. It is going to be a rainy day or that is what the weather man said. Have a good day and a restful time!--------Romans 5; verse 1 ... Now that we have been put right with God though faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

in my sewing room-----------------5 more blocks!

This have been a good day, I had my 2 and 3 yrs old today, they do kept me busy but that ok, they are so cute doing what they do, they was in my sewing room with me listening to their music and sing along with the song, so when they do this I can get some of my sewing done, and I did ,I got every piece I need to put together the 15 inch block, if go good tomorrow i might get them done and on to the pink block and there is 10 of them. I sure would like to post some picture of the quilt ,but with this computer I can't .LOL. This is all for now, have a blissful night and a good sewing day tomorrow! EPHESIANS 1; verse 3 Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! For in our union with Christ he has blessed us by giving us every spiritual blessing in the heavenly world.

Monday, January 11, 2010

in my sewing room----------Garden twist ?

Well today I have spend most of the day working on the quilt top called garden twist pattern, I have got most of the black section together, I will be glad to move on the the pink, so sometime this week Hopely I will have the pink part done this week. I will have 6 of my grandchildren tomorrow and I might not get to much work done on it, but that will be OK, got to take time for the kiddo! I had 3 of the grand kids today so it have been a busy day to. I ran out of trim that i was putting on the pillow that i was working on so the red prairie point pillow is on hold for now. until later have a good night! Psalms 92; verse 1-2 How good it is to give thanks to you, O Lord, to sing in your honor, O Most High God, to proclaim your constant love every morning and faithfulness every night,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

in my sewing room-------------- Beautiful Sunday afternoon.

hi to you all! We had a little snow this morning ,our church was cancelled due to the cold weather, so we have been doing some needed relaxation. I did cook a small dinner and my husband and the twin granddaughter play some card. This afternoon the girls wanted to look at some craft books to find something to make their teacher a gift , so we work on making them a pillow, they color a design on the fabric and them I help them to strip it and make the pillow, turn out very cute , they loves to be in the sewing room ,and they get the scrap fabric and make stuff out of it. Well this is my Sunday, a very good day, hope your was also! John 12; verse 44 Jesus said in a loud voice, " Whoever believes in me believes not only in me but also in him who sent me. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

in my sewing room-----------------snow is falling!

Good morning to all, the snow is falling it is very pretty and that all I can say about that., it is to cold to enjoy it and my family is having to go to work and drive on the road. Well I'll be patient spring is coming in a few months. Today I'm working on a pillow for the lady at the quilt shop. it is made with prairie point for the flowers so it is turning out good, maybe I can get a picture on here to show. I'm still working on a quilt top, Garden twist, it is giving me some trouble of setting it together for a 15 inch sq. guess I will just kept working at it and try to get it done, when I start something I like to finish it but sometime that doesn't happen.Everyone stay warm and happy. this is all for now until next time. Connie--------------------John 8; verse 12 Jesus spoke to the pharisees again." I am the light of the world," he said. 'Whoever follow me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.

Friday, January 1, 2010

in my sewing room ----------------A new year!

Good morning everyone, Happy new year, Hope everyone has a great year! Cleaning my sewing room this morning and got a new quilt pattern cut out , hope to work on it some, the name of this quilt is garden twist, color are black, green, pink and blue and a cream print fabric, the black fabric is a bigger print fabric. So this is what i will be working on and of course my casual wear also. I when to walmart last night,(my big new year celebration) And look at the quilt books and end up getting two books, i love quilt books and country sampler books, If you could see all my book you would say I do have allot of them. Well this is all for now I got to cook my cabbage and blackeye peas for today for health and wealth, to me wealth is not important but health is hope your day is good until the next time.------------Romans12; verse 3 And because of God gracious gift to me I say to everyone of you:Do not think of yourself more highly than you should. Instead, be modest in your thinking, and judge yourself according to the amount of faith that God has given you.