Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A memories of my mom..

Today .......... 35 years ago i lost my mother to cancer, she was 54 years old, there is a lot of memory of her, she has done so much for us kids, there was 4 of us 2 brother and 1 sister. We live on a small farm and sometimes the winter was really hard, because dad didn't have work in the winter month, but with all the canning and other thing we had on the farm we did get by. Mom always made sure everything was clean and neat and made time for us, there was so many special thing she has done for us and i could go on and on, ,just one more thing, mom didn't do very much sewing, but i remember the little thing she has made, she would make doll cloths for my dolls and show me how to sew and make clothe for my doll, she has make us girls little jumper and skirts to wear,also made me a real pretty apron for me to have to wear in a Thanksgiving dinner at our church, she didn't have a sewing machine everything she done was by her hand and with four kids there was a lot of patch work to be done too. Mom is miss every day and we all love you. Merry Christmas to you in Heavens.


  1. Connie,although I know you all miss her dearly, I feel she is watching over you all,every minute, and is so proud of the kind of person you each have grown up to be.She did a great job raising both you and James,as I am sure she did your other brother and sister.We are proud to be neighbors to you and James.

  2. Oh what a beautiful memory! I loved reading about your Mom.

  3. That is such a sweet tribute to your mother! It was a priviledge to read about her!
    I lost my mom this year...she was 83.