Monday, December 13, 2010

in my sewing room------ Yes, in my sewing room!

A very cold day today with some light snow. ...........
Sunday , we didn't have Church, it was call off because of the weather, so I made a pot of chili and bake some brownie for dinner. Just had my Mother in law for dinner the Girls and grand did't come up to day. I work on the family tree and the mantle for Christmas ,now they are done, and got my Christmas cards ready to mail, my Sunday was a good Sunday! I have three of my grands today, no school for them, they have been playing in the snow , it is almost to cold for them to be out. Watching them bring back memories of my snow days when we didn't have school, in the little town i lives in ,all of my friends would get together and go sleighing, it was a all day thing we had so much fun, there was this big hill we would go to, we had a old car hood and a big bunch would get on it and go down and it was a way down the hill, now the hill has got a new house there and it is behind the quilt shop that i work at for a while. Those was the days and time goes so fast!........
I'm in my sewing room and I'm going to put a binding on my Christmas quilt, and guess that will be all i will get done today.......
Everyone stay warm and have Bless day!


  1. I am glad you have had some nice time at home with your family and snow days to bring back memories. I also hope you have enjoyed your quilting time! God bless

  2. Connie,good to see you posting again. How is your remodeling coming along.? Did you get it done in plenty of time for the Holidays? Would that be my step daughter,Rhonda's house?It's a small world,isn't it.