Sunday, December 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ ALL IS QUIET, TOO QUIET!

Christmas has come and gone, my house has been busy since Thursday with making desert and salad, getting ready for Christmas eve and Christmas day. Friday morning i cook all of my other food, All of our family will be here at 5:30. We do our meal and them open gifts, all of the grandchildren goes first starting with the youngest, which that is little fellow, and them cupcake, and on down the line until we are finish. The family room was under lots and lots of paper and boxes, we all are very bless and had a great time.When everyone when home all except little cupcake and her twin sisters ,stay because their parent had to work on Christmas day. About 11:30 that night I put on a turkey in the oven for the family on Saturday, Christmas day, we always when to my mother in law on that day but since she had a stroke, i had it at our home. Today my 3 granddaugther when home and it is very quit, almost to quiet, I just kindly got a lonely feeling after all of the family being gone, and all my work of cleaning up is done......... A very Bless Christmas.
Starting a new week and in to the new year, don't know what i will be getting into, another story for another blog...... Wishing everyone Happy New Years and with lots of wonderful Blessing coning your way!
God is good, all the time.


  1. Oh I cannot wait to see what all you do. I am going to try to keep Christmas in my heart all year long. I don't need a date to give gifts. We can give the gift of love everyday.

  2. I'm not surprised you feel all is too quiet, you usually have a have a housefull of family it seems to me. Hope 2011 is a good one for you.