Friday, April 22, 2011

in my sewing room------ Good Friday!!!!!!

Today is good Friday and a rainy day.....I will do some cooking today for our meal at church tonight. I have the to little one today, cupcake and little fells...... BUSY!!!!!
Haven't blog for awhile, but i have been reading my blogs. For some reason when i click on some blogs it will aborts them and want let me leave comment ...... don't know what is going on with this. :(

It has been a good past week, when to my grandson award service, he had score real good on his IQ test and we are proud of him!!!!

Sunday, all the family was here and our very best friends from the big city come for dinner and we all had a great time. Please kept our friend in your prayer, he is going for more testing, they think his cancer has come back. 2 year ago he was told he has an aggressive kind of cancer and really would has to fight this.

I got my three granddaughter a new dress for Easter Sunday, so I made little cupcake a dress to match their dress and also made a hat to go with it, she can't wait to wear it. Their dresses is yellow and black so the boys are wearing yellow shirts. Can't wait to see them all dress up. Sunday we will have all the family here for dinner and a egg hunt, if the rain will let us, the weather man is calling for rain so we hope he will miss it and the sun will be out pretty....

Well I'm still working on my quilts, I thought i would have them done, but been going kind of slow on them. My quilt as you go quilt, i have decided to make it bigger so i got about 20 more block to do, i just work on them at nights..........

I will go for now, sorry no pictures, my daughter has them, but she has not but them on the computer for me to down load, maybe she will soon, I told her that the pageant dress that i had to alter for her ,i was going to kept it until she put my pictures on, she just laugh at me......

God is Good!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in my sewing room------ A catch up day!!!!!

Today, busy doing the house work and I got my laundry all done and put away. I all always done my washing on Monday but it was a beautiful morning so little fella and me ,when out side and clean some flower bed, and then it got Stormy looking so we came in and i was not in the mood to do much of any thing. As for as my sewing ,i did get two blocks ready to hand strip as I sat with my mother in law last night!!!

To day I have got everything i want to do is all done, got my blocks ready for tonight and now thought i would do a little blogging, then i have to thank about cooking our supper!!!

We had a great day on Sunday, my daugther and the family was back from Florida so all of the grands was here and their mom. Our pastor and his two daughter had dinner with us also, just a real good day!!!!!The pictures the twin Mattie, Josie, and cupcake, she like for me to called her that.. Cupcake was very tired in her picture after a day at the beach...

I haven't been to the movies in a loooooong while, so on Friday my younger daughter took off from work and we took little fella and his sister Laure bug, Big guy Jesse to see Hops, it was a real cute movie....

Well this is all for today, got to go feed buddy the basset hound, he is our one and only pet!!!!

Hope everyone have a great week!!! Romans 5 ;verse- 4 Endurance brings God's approval, and his approval creates hope.

Monday, April 4, 2011

in my sewing room------ Turkey!!!!!!

Good morning , To day Monday, is wash day for me and cleaning the home place also, hope to get some sewing done. today I have little fella and his sister Laura bug. The big new is my Grandson when turkey hunting and got his first turkey, the turkey weight 24 lbs and 7 oz. The spur was 1 1/2 inch and the beard was 10 inch so i guess this is a big bird (Poor Bird)If know one turns in one bigger, than that, he has won a gun from the place where the turkey was weight in at. congratulation to the big guy!!!! I think I have decided to make my quilt has you go bigger, it will make a very pretty quilt for the bed,so I will need about 24 more blocks.The pattern for this quilt is in a book called Our Best scrap quilts by ox moor house, this quilt has been in the making for along while, it was put up but when my mother in law had her stroke, i got it out and started taking 2 blocks to work on, when i go there every night to set with her and work on it. I just can't set and do nothing, i need to be doing something with my time.............. IT is a very windy day , and we may have some storms moving in, but is getting to be that time of the year. Spring!!!!!!!!!! Sunday was church, just my younger daughter and little fella was here, big guy was turkey hunting,with his uncle again and Laura bug was fishing with her dad, My mother in law was and we had a very restful day... We miss the rest of the family but they are having fun in Florida on spring break and vacation. Have a bless week!!!!!!!! God Is Good All the time!!