Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In my sewing room=== 2 blue ribbon and a white ribbon!!

 Today in my sewing, I have finish a baby quilt, hope to get it quilted this week, Our county art fair is coming up and I want to enter the quilt in it.This is the Hardin county homemaker art fair. I did enter a fall tables runner, and a embroidery  T towel and my hand done quilt as you go quilt in the Grayson county fair and was please with 2 blue ribbon and a white ribbon..
Today was cleaning day in my sewing room, i done this early this morning, so i could sew this afternoon,I 'm glad to get back to sewing, i have also made a burlap pillow and applique a pumpkin and leaves on it and embroidery the word fall . I have been seeing stuff made with burlap,  And I have several yards,  that I brought for our  grandaughter wedding. for tables runner,. So I need to use it up for crafts. I did make the gran daughter a door wreath with the burlap and put a big L in the middle. It is fun doing these thing, using burlap is a primitive look, and that what people likes.Some of it I do like. But mostly i just like making them.
 Today I will say it has been a good day, the weather is beautiful, my grandson and I will take a break and fixed us something to drink and go out on the deck or our from porch and wait for the mail man, He like to talk to the mail man and get the mail. Tomorrow we willl have lunch at school with our little gran daughter, we are looking forward for this and she is to.
This is all for now,  Have fun sewing or crafting!!! God is Good All the time !!