Friday, April 22, 2011

in my sewing room------ Good Friday!!!!!!

Today is good Friday and a rainy day.....I will do some cooking today for our meal at church tonight. I have the to little one today, cupcake and little fells...... BUSY!!!!!
Haven't blog for awhile, but i have been reading my blogs. For some reason when i click on some blogs it will aborts them and want let me leave comment ...... don't know what is going on with this. :(

It has been a good past week, when to my grandson award service, he had score real good on his IQ test and we are proud of him!!!!

Sunday, all the family was here and our very best friends from the big city come for dinner and we all had a great time. Please kept our friend in your prayer, he is going for more testing, they think his cancer has come back. 2 year ago he was told he has an aggressive kind of cancer and really would has to fight this.

I got my three granddaughter a new dress for Easter Sunday, so I made little cupcake a dress to match their dress and also made a hat to go with it, she can't wait to wear it. Their dresses is yellow and black so the boys are wearing yellow shirts. Can't wait to see them all dress up. Sunday we will have all the family here for dinner and a egg hunt, if the rain will let us, the weather man is calling for rain so we hope he will miss it and the sun will be out pretty....

Well I'm still working on my quilts, I thought i would have them done, but been going kind of slow on them. My quilt as you go quilt, i have decided to make it bigger so i got about 20 more block to do, i just work on them at nights..........

I will go for now, sorry no pictures, my daughter has them, but she has not but them on the computer for me to down load, maybe she will soon, I told her that the pageant dress that i had to alter for her ,i was going to kept it until she put my pictures on, she just laugh at me......

God is Good!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad to see you posting. I'll bet the little yellow dresses look precious. Hope you have a very Happy Easter.

  2. I hope your grandson didn't dread the tests as bad as Leah. She was crying when we left there Sunday night,because she didn't want to go to school Monday on account of the testing.

    I have memories of my mother making me and my sister matching Easter dresses, but the memories were not good.I know your grand daughter's memories of her dress will be wonderful.