Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in my sewing room------ not much done!

Looking at all the stuff that everyone is doing make me want to do more, but the time I just don't have, and you can just do so much... I do really like reading and seeing what you all are working on and posting it on blog.
Up date on my mother in law, she is doing good, but her speech is going slow, they told us it could take 3 months for her, but it take a year for the brain to heal sometines, just kept her in your pray.
Our little fellow had his tonsil took out on Sat. and now he is doing good just don't eat very much but is drinking more, I will have him back with me on Thrusday so his mom can go back to work, thanks for the prayers and comment!
NOW, my sewing room is another story, just work on making some more pumpkins and got to finish up one more and they will be done. Maybe I need a break from the sewing room for a while,and do some fall decoration, I just can't get in the mood, does any one else get like this? Well anyway I will do something!
We had some much needed rain today not very much but it was good and we might have more on WED.
I enter a pillow, a tablerunner, and a baby quilt in the culture art fair at our county extention office 2 week ago and got 3 blue ribbons and they send them to region last week and got 3 more blue ribbons and now they will go to States next spring....
This is all I have to blog about for now, I'm going to bed and maybe I can get more done tomorrow, let you know later!
GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!every one have a bless week!


  1. Good to see you blogging again. Thanks for the sample pumpkin and pattern pieces. I'll get it back to you in a few days.I have been working with my wooden pumpkins a lot. I love working with wood. I got a new sander and a dremmel tool. I am so glad a finally go them.I needed them bad, especially the sander.Glad to hear Mae and Will are better.I know you are worn out. Don't you get down now. Get lots of rest when you can.Congratulations on your ribbons. You do such a neat job on everything. You deserve blue ribbons on all your work.

  2. Hey everyone needs a break. You get some rest. You still do a lot more than I ever thought about doing. I admire you.