Tuesday, October 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ Tuesday project!

Well let me tell you all it is raining here and storms all around, hope everyone will be safe......
Today i have little fellow and had our little cupcake over night and until dinner today, her mom had meeting at the hospital, and let me tell you they are two busy little kiddo, but they are fun to listen to them........
My project for today was to clean the oven and do some more laundry, and to make a cover photo album for a wedding gift for someone, and to work on my quilt block. I didn't get my oven clean, but did get the photo album cover and the laundry done and hope to get to sew on my block, just depend on how the rest of the day go..........
My mother in law was washing her breakfast dishes this morning, it is the first time she has done anything since her stroke, Her daughter stay with her during the day and stay with her at night, I go down and stay with her for a few hours at night so the daughter goes home for a while...........
Well little fellow has woke up from his nap and is wanting something to eat..... this is my Tuesday hope you all will have a great day...........


  1. Hi Connie,
    I just found your blog, and like your header picture!
    I pray your MIL continues to improve!
    I live in Ohio and we got the same terrible weather and also, Thank the LORD nothing touched down. Our sirens were sounding for an hour here!
    We have some things in common...I have a married son with no children, but two daughters have given us 7 grandchildren in 6 years! Ages 7, 5,4,3,2,1,and Alexander is 3 but with Jesus in Heaven!
    What type of sewing do you like to do?

  2. Hi Connie,just taking a few minutes to read a few posts. I am having craft and blog withdrawal. I have been helping a new found friend pack up her life's possessions to return to California.She was as close as you can get to homeless for two weeks,spending her entire time in the outdoors, and sleeping in her truck. Gil's son,Tim and I were her only help. She had to be off the property on Tuesday of this week, so we really had to rush.I'll fill in more of the story as the next few days go by. I have been catching up at home today, since this is the first day home in almost 2 weeks. She was suppose to pull out of E'town this morning, but I have not heard from her since Tuesday night about 7:30.Hope all is OK with her. California is a 2200 plus miles trip,not so good for a 73 yr. old lady, driving a overloaded truck and pulling an overloaded trailor.I pray she gets there safe.