Thursday, October 28, 2010

in my sewing room------ OOPS! Miss Wed. Thrusday agender

My Wed was not so busy, but of coarse i had little fellow and work on my spider web quilt and when and done my weekly shopping for FOOD!
Well this morning consist of playing with little fellow and them dusting the furniture, moping my bathroom, kitchen and the entry room, i don't use a mop I take a pan of water and cleaner and a rag and wipe my floor don't know why but i just do it this way. Well my little cupcake just got here for tonight and Friday so it will be busy,..She is a sweetie!
got my supper cook, it is on the cool side today ,,, a good day for chili and hot dogs, also made a chocolate pudding pie, my hubby love them..........
As for sewing I got my grandson costume alter for him so he will have it for school on Friday......
this afternoon i will be picking out stitches from a quilt that has bad stitches from the machine quilting about 3 roll to be pick out.........I hate picking out!
My mother in law is coming up this afternoon so her daughter can go home and bowling for tonight.
So this is my Thursday hope you all will have a great day!
God is good all the time!


  1. First, YES God IS GOOD all the time!!! :)

    Second, you are sure busy with grandkids and house work and quilting! Isn't life good too!?!

    I had my youngest daughter and her 4 children all day, along with Hubby off...and her youngest is very sick with an ear infection. Poor guys fever was 104.5! So we watched Jane Austen movies and pampered babies!

    I wish I could wash my floors like you do, but I can't get on my knees. That is a blessing to be able to! That is the way lots of people did them years ago.

    I sure HATE picking out stitches. Hope you did it okay!

  2. Souns like you were busy as usual. I'm glad your mother-in-law seems to be recovering well.