Monday, April 26, 2010

in my sewing room---------- A COLD Monday!

Today was no day to be out side...... This was my Monday, Had my two little ones today, we play hide an seek this morning, and when they got tired or I should say when Granny got tired .... It was time for one of the show they like to watch, so i made them a snack and them clean the kitchen..... The rest of the house was clean, so I went to my quilt and done some hand quilting on it, getting along pretty good on it, hope I can get another block roll done this week, just have to see how the week goes.... Well moving on from the quilt, the TV program was over and they (grands) was busy again, so I thought they could help me pull the wall paper off the wall and they done good at this, got half of one wall done and one short wall to go......... now lunch time, feed the little ones and of course me, so I read the daily paper, while they watch another program and them it was time for little fellow to take his nap........Little cupcake think she to big to take a nap so she just play her little music and talk with me while I'm doing some more quilting...........time move on little fellow is up from his nap so the little ones are back to being busy and I'm back in the kitchen ....them it time to take little fellow to meet his mom and now back home to finish supper for pappy and cupcake...... now I'm blogging and soon it will be bed time........ Nite nite to all.... Thessalonians 3; verse 16- May the Lord himself, who is our source of peace, give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with you all.


  1. You are a busy gal! I am fixing to start slating time to sew!!!! I haven't touched my quilting in seems like forever!!

  2. Do you ever slow down? That's just teasing! You clearly love having the little ones around and you are lucky to have the time with them. Have a great week! Mary