Saturday, April 24, 2010

in my sewing room----------- ITS RAINING!

Here it is, already A Saturday morning, were does the time goes..... Well any ways This week as been a good week , A busy week ,not a lot of sewing, but I'm hand quilting on my sampler quilt and it is going good. I also have been doing spring cleaning, i still got a lot to do but it will get done or I hope..... I've been wanting to redo my dinning room, new flooring and paint, but I got to get the wall paper off the wall before I can get going on it, with me not feeling very good, thing is going slower, it will eventually get done. I manage to get out side to do some yard work and to get my flowers and bushes ready for mulch, AH, there is so much to do! Of course I have my 2 yrs old Will ( little fellow) all week and he is one busy little fellow, and a couple of days I had Stevie,( little Cupcake) so with them you have to take time to play with them and they like to be outside to play on the swing set and among other things........ Today no grands, this is the first week in ,in awhile that they haven't been here for the week in..... so I am going to take one of my quilt to the quilter to be quilted and taking a cheater cloth quilt for another lady to get quilted. the rest of the day is a free day for me, guess I will do some more hand quilting or maybe just take it easy, let you know later what will get done. hope you have a great week in! COLOSSIANS 4; verse 2-Be persistent in prayer, and keep alert as you pray, giving thanks to God.


  1. Hello Connie, sorry to hear you are still under the weather. Hope it passes soon. All is well here across the holler.It's been great weather to work outdoors(except for today and maybe the next couple of days,rainy and stormy then look out.It'll most likely be...HOT! HOT! HOT!)

  2. Rainy weather up here too, so the perfect excuse to get quilting done. Plus, I cleaned a closet and found quilting panels I had completely forgotten about! And they look like a fun, faster project than the queen quilt I'm working on. Hmm.. which should I do? Enjoy your rest. Mary