Saturday, April 3, 2010

in my sewing room---HAPPY EASTER!

My Thursday was busy, had the little fellow , done some house cleaning and when shopping to get some stuff i needed for my Easter dinner, no sewing today.
Friday I had little fellow and cupcake, also had one of the twin, Mophead, she had a ear infection and fever so she couldn't go to school. I made two cakes and started my cooking because I was having my Easter dinner tonight, the reason was because my older daughter and her family was leaving for Florida for vacation, and I wanted everyone to be together for Easter. Around 6o'clock we had our meal, and the big egg hunt for the grands, they couldn't wait for us to get the meal over ,so they could find the eggs, My niece and sister-in-law help hide the eggs and the mothers, and great grandmother kept the kids in the house, when all the eggs was hide, the grands line up at the door with the younger ones first ,and out they when, and the fun be gain. Well it is over, and the family's are leaving, I told them that Florida is a long way,and that was to far for me. time for me to clean up the kitchen , and I had 2 of my grands to stay all night.
Saturday, when to take care of my daughter animals while they are gone, took one of my granddaughter home, and my grandson is staying again tonight, he help us with yard work today. my neighbor gave me some blackberry plants, he dug the holes for me, he is ten yrs old and is a big help, he also mow some of our yard while pappy mow the rest.
A Easter memories, My sister and me walk to school, I was in the first grade and my sister was in the third grade, we had a uncle who was in the eighth grade and he would walk us to and from school, Easter weekin was coming up, and he had a big bag of jelly bean candy, he would share them with us on the way home, I ask him where did he got his jelly beans candy and he told us, he got them from the Easter bunny and that he live in the cemetery and I believe him, Now my uncle is in construction work and he does our work for us when we need something done. One more little story, last Sunday at our church, during children time, the preacher ask a question, he ask what was Easter and who was coming back, one of my granddaughter said, it was Easter and the Easter bunny was coming back alive, everyone got tickle, so let remember what Easter is all about, and every one have a GREAT EASTER DAY! John 20-22; verse 21 Jesus said to them again,Peace be with you. As the father sent me,so I send you. 22 Then he breathed on them and said,"received the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

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