Thursday, August 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ JEN AND MAMAW Birthday

This is my mother in law and my daughter birthday pictures. Jen turn 40 and mamaw turn 90. Jen was born on the 15th of Aug and mamaw was the16th. If Jen would of waited 15 minute she would of been born on mamaw birthday, she just wanted her own day. I made jen a memory quilt of pictures from birth to her family now, she was so proud of the quilt. The one block have her little dress that she wear home from the hospital in it, it was given to her by her aunt Edna. Looking at the quilt is her twin daughter, they know I was working on this quilt for her birthday and they didn't tell her, I told them it would be our secret. Mamaw does good to be 90, she does her work and has a small garden and try to do what she can. The last few week she hasn't been feeling to good, so I hope she will feel better soon. I think she need to go the doctor but she is not ready to go yet, she think she will get better in her on time.Well since the grands have been back in school, i have been doing my sewing again. The county fair is coming up and I want to put some of my stuff that i have made to be judge in the fair. This county fair is where my mom and dad would always take us when we was little, we would get to ride some of the ride,and play game, me and my sister, I remember I did get lost from them so I when and waited in the car until they found me, I was glad to see them and I stay close to mom and dad after that ordeal. Time does goes so fast, now I have grandchildren and will take them to the county fair. This is all for now, will let you know about my entries, and some pictures and hopely blue ribbons. GOD IS GOOD!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jennifer and Mae.The quilt is beautiful. I know Jennifer will cherish it forever. How are Mattie and Josie coming along with their quilting? They may turn into excellent quilters like their Grandmother.Good to see you blogging again. I've missed your blog entries.

  2. What a precious gift, and very beautiful. I hope their birthdays were full of blessings. God bless. Rhonda

  3. Happy birthday to daughter and mother-in-law. The memory quilt looks good. I bet she was thrilled with it.