Monday, January 11, 2010

in my sewing room----------Garden twist ?

Well today I have spend most of the day working on the quilt top called garden twist pattern, I have got most of the black section together, I will be glad to move on the the pink, so sometime this week Hopely I will have the pink part done this week. I will have 6 of my grandchildren tomorrow and I might not get to much work done on it, but that will be OK, got to take time for the kiddo! I had 3 of the grand kids today so it have been a busy day to. I ran out of trim that i was putting on the pillow that i was working on so the red prairie point pillow is on hold for now. until later have a good night! Psalms 92; verse 1-2 How good it is to give thanks to you, O Lord, to sing in your honor, O Most High God, to proclaim your constant love every morning and faithfulness every night,


  1. Enjoy those grandbabies they truly are what is important.

  2. Great verse of the day! I'd love to make a garden twist quilt at some point. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting Connie! 8-)
    What a good grandma you are to watch the children every day... Wow! 8-)
    You'll have to post some photos of your projects sometime. Would love to see them! I'm sure your 17 grandchild could help you with that if you don't know how...
    Happy stitchings! 8-)

  4. I'd love to see some photos of your Garden Twist quilt sometime.