Wednesday, May 5, 2010

in my sewing room----- I won again!

Good morning in blog land..... I have my little cup cake and little fellow today!
I won another blog give away, it was McCall's quilt magazine and have so many pretty quilts in it. Thanks so much to Ann Hemes for the giveaway. I will try to make your little quilt ,very pretty...
To day I will be binding a quilt for my grandson, he said this is his favorite fabric, it is the cartoon cars fabric, he seen it at walmart and want it so his mom, got it and I quilted it on Tuesday, turn out very cute, I told his mom that he has been in my sewing room to much, he is 2 yrs old and already picking his favorite fabric.........
I will do some more yard work outside today when little fellow take his nap, I guess i will work around the deck and clean the flower bed, I need to work on my water pond, but I haven't decide if I want to kept it or do away with it....... LOL
A prayer today for a friend that found out she have cancer, I prayer that if it is God will that it can be heal. Pray for her......
Over the week in I went and pick up my quilt from the quilter, she done a very good job on it, so that is on my list to be bound, maybe this week.......
I have been reading in the book of Proverbs so I will have a verse from here today....... Proverbs 16; verse 23- Truth, wisdom, learning, and good sense- these are worth paying for, but too valuable for you to sell.


  1. Just wishing you a great day :)

  2. Hi Connie, I am like you when it comes to the fish pond. I love it but am not able to keep it nice any more. We plan to offer the man who built it all the beautiful, huge rock, pump and 21 fish to take it down and fill it in for us. I sure hate to give it up, but it is too much work as I said. You are a whiz bag on getting those quilts out. blessings

  3. Hope your friend makes a speedy recovery.

  4. Congrats, Connie on your win.I agree that you are a whiz at your speedy quilting, especially with watching all those grandchildren. You do amaze me with that alone.And the yard work,too,are you sure you are not a robot?

  5. Congrats Connie! Have a great weekend!