Monday, May 10, 2010

in my sewing room------- Stevie 4 th birthday!

Today Monday, hope every one had a good mother day week in........
Sunday was our little cupcakes birthday, she was four. this is a picture of her and her mom, she was being a little shy, she had a really nice birthday, she loves butterflies so her theme party was done in butterflies, we had her birthday on friday night, because her mother works the week in at the hospital............She is now the big 4 years old!
Saturday, we when to my grandson , Jesse's baseball game, he had 2 games and it was cold and windy so I when and set in the van with Will and Stevie Nicole so they wouldn't be in the wind, We could watch the ballgame and be warm.......
Sunday, was like our reg Sunday I got dinner, them off to church, my daughter and family and my mother in law, who is like a Mom to me, she is a very sweet, she will be 90 her birthday, they all came back to the house for the afternoon. My older daughter couldn't be with us, she had to work, when you work has a nurse at the Hospital you has to be there. I did have her Girls with us, it was a very good Sunday.........
Well today Monday, just in a mood, don't know what I want to do, I do need to clean the house a little today, maybe some sewing, just can't get going , I do have the little fellow, so we will be busy doing something...........
Today, I want to think God for every day he has given me and strenght and ability to do what I can do. Until next time I hope you all will have a great week !


  1. Connie, I know you must be one appreciated Mother everyday, not only on Mother's Day.I don't think I could do it,but then the good book says, He will not put on you, more than you can handle, and I feel He knows you best. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Aww Four years old!! Do you play Barbies with her?
    I love Butterflies, too! Something that starts out kinda ugly then, turns into something beautiful!
    It was cold for baseball on Saturday!

  3. I have days like that too when I just don't know what I want to do.

    Happy birthday to your big 4 year old too.

  4. 4 years old. What a precious time and precious picture. Happy Birthday!