Monday, May 17, 2010

in my sewing room----Where have the time gone.. SENIOR PROM!

My granddaughter Taylor, senior prom, when she come to be with us she was 6 years old, the tree in the back ground was planted by her and her mom( My daughter) to me it seem like we just had her senior prom, she will be 40 her birthday, well back to Taylor 's prom, she is a very tall girl and her boyfriend is a lot taller than her, they sure do make a beautiful couple. She shared a little of her glamour with her sisters, Mattie, Josie, and Stevie Nicole.She is getting ready for college , my wish for her that may all her dream come true. She is a big part of us and we love her so and Congratulation To you Taylor!
Today Monday I have Will the little fellow, and Stevie, My cupcake, so it will be a busy day, hope to get some hand quilting done today, I have already got my house work done from the week in, and doing some laundry also........
A very good week in. work on the yard most of the day Saturday , them we had some friends came from Louisville for the late afternoon visit and we set on the front porch and talk and had a good time, the Amish came down the road so they enjoy seeing them. A Storm started to come up and they thought they needed to hear back home.........
It sure was a Storm we had high wind and hell, my husband just got the tractor in the barn and he had to stay there until it was over, when he came in he had some hell stones that was size of a quarter...... Well this was my week in, hope you had a great one also...
1 Thessalonians 4; verse 11-12 Make it your aim to live a quiet life, to mind your on business, and to earn your on living, just as we told you before. In this way you will win the respect of those who are not believers, and you will not have to depend on anyone for what you need.



  1. So pretty!! That color was great.
    The scripture you posted is my "theme scripture" for my blog and my life...funny how just reading it brings me such peace..

  2. Very sweet,great color! Nice to read :-)

  3. Congratulations to Taylor! I know to her it seems like this day would never come, that time moves so slow,but when she reaches our age, she'll be saying,how did the time go so quickly. I know you all are so proud of her. She is a lovely girl.(as is the dress)

  4. She is so pretty and I love the colour of her dress.

  5. Love the Dress!!I hope she had a great time!!She looked gorgeous!

  6. Well can you believe, my granddaughter's boyfriend's name is Chance. She is a beautiful girl and the dress is beautiful too. Hope she had a great time at the Prom.

  7. Time sure does fly. She is beautiful!

  8. Connie, I meant to ask "Did you make Taylor's dress?"