Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in my sewing room--------- Tired today!

On Monday I just couldn't get my thought together to do what I wanted to work on, I got my container out that has my underground railroad book and fabric, so I thought I would cut it out, but I didn't have enough of my natural fabric, that i want it to use, so i put it back up, pull out another container, so I started cutting out this pattern, call welcome spring, and finish cutting it today, but last night I was looking at some books and one of them was a book call charms quilts so I had some pieces already cut and I got them out to work on too, this is something I don't like to do , because I just do one project at a time but I thought I could work on both of them when I have the time. I am still working on my sampler it is all hand work, I got 4 scallops done and got 10 more to go and the corner and flower and leaves. today I had my grand kids they was out of school because of the snow, so I have been busy with them, My granddaughter birthday was today, we will have her birthday party on Saturday, she was 8 today, the time is going so fast and as we get older it seem like it even goes faster. I can remember when I was 8, were have time gone ,but no complain, been bless with a wonderful husband and 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren, I thank My God every day for our blessing! I sure hope our snow is over, but the weather man said more could be coming in, Won't be to much longer until spring will be here, and I will be glad. I hope everyone had a good day. I love this , If God brings you to it....He will bring you through it ! This is so true. Have FAITH Until later ! Connie

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  1. Connie, if anyone deserves to be tired, you do. I can't do what you do with that many, for that long. Are you Bionic, or part Stepford Woman? You are amazing to have the strength to do your quilting after caring for all the grand children.Yours are no quite so demanding as mind though. I am trying to wean mine away a little in that department.I'm beginning to think it's hopeless.