Friday, February 26, 2010

in my sewing room------ CLEANING DAY

Here it is Friday, so I think today is the day to clean my sewing room, I'm sorry to my follower for not getting my pictures on here, some day I will be able to do this , I know I like to see pictures of what the quilt bloggers are doing/working on. Don't have much to write today, will do my cleaning, and if i have time i will work on a tables runner. Hope everyone will have a GReat Day. HAPPY SEWING TO ALL! Today I will leave you with this, Enjoy the little things in life,for one day you,ll look back and realize they were the big things.


  1. I am doing some sewing room cleaing today too. Yesterday I spent a few hours cleaning in my longarm room. I did save some time later in the day for sewing though. :)
    Happy Friday to you, enjoy the day!

  2. Picking up the sewing area always feels good, doesn't it? My husband takes all the pictures for me and then I put them on the blog. I'd be lost if he handed me the camera and told me to do it. We'll learn all these steps in time. So true about enjoying all the little things... Have a great weekend. Mary