Sunday, February 28, 2010

in my sewing room-------- A Birthday party!

A Sunday, A birthday party for my baby girl who turn 38 on the 25Th, had all the family here except one a son in law, he had to work. MY oldest daughter and her family just left, We all had a wonderful time together. The grand kids love to be together to play, I know when I was young , (way back when) any ways we would like for our cousins to come and play or stay the night with us, if there was no school they could stay a week with us, we live in the country and my cousins live in the city. I could never stay away from home ,I would get so home sick, guess I was 13 year old before i stay over night with my best friend, and I made it all night. Well any way that enough of this story. I went and pick up my garden twist quilt from the quilter, it turn out so pretty, very please with it. WEllllll, for Monday don't know what I will work on, got several thing going, so will let you know later about what I can get done. Have my little granddaughter, tonight ,she is my cupcake and her pappy sugar baby. Her mom has a long day at the hospital tomorrow, so we kept her over night. I will have my little 2 year old grandson , on Monday, he is my little busy busy little fellow, but is so sweet, he will say granny I need to hug you, it melt you heart. This is all for now hope everyone will have a great week, The Lord will bless everyone! Verse for today is PSALMS 40 ; verse 5 You have done many things for us , O Lord our God; there is no one like you! You have made many wonderful plans for us.


  1. I know you're thrilled to have your quilt finished, but will feel lost until you can start another.I'm beginning to feel that way between projects. Happy Birthday to Jessica, and yes, that grand daughter of yours is a doll. I'd love to have her for myself, and I know it's not smart to even think that nowdays, but to use one of John,my grand son's sayings, She's so precious.

  2. I loved and still love to spend time with my cousins. Your enjoy your time with those grandbabies. They sound wonderful.

  3. No doubt about it, you clearly had a wonderful weekend! You are blessed. Mary