Sunday, March 7, 2010

in my sewing room--- WHAT A PICTURE!

This has been a beautiful Sunday, a good day to be on the out side, the grand kids got to play out today, they all had a good time. My younger daughter help me to remove some of my wallpaper in my dinning room, just to see how the streamer would work and it done good.We didn't go to church today because of the virus, some of us has had the virus, the little cupcake had it yesterday, so we hope the twins don't get it. We have a small church with old people, so we thought we need to stay home today. I cook dinner and just had a good day with the family, my older daughter work today so she couldn't be here, but their kids was here.
The older daughter has 4 girls Tay, is the oldest, then the twins they are in the pink and green dresses, we use to called them weasel and mop head ,they use to have long hair, they cut their hair to donated to a place that make wigs for children. the weasel, was so little ,and when she would move around we just thought of a weasel, and mop head had long dark hair and it was curly, so her hair would mess up easy that how she got that nickname,And them there is cupcake that what I called her, but pappy called her sugar babe, she like them both, she is the little girl that got her hands in her mouth. My younger daughter, children are the two boys and the girl in the dark pink dress, she is the princess, she use to do pageant and now she is in to sport and cheer leading. Of course there is little fellow who I have everyday during the week. the big guy, He love to go with pappy on the week in to eat breakfast out, but so does weasel,. Well these are my grandchildren, they are all so precious, we have been very Bless' hope you all had a great Sunday, and a Good week. Until later! Psalms 136; Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal.


  1. You have truly been blessed with many precious grandchildren indeed. I hope you spoil them as much as you desire;-)


  2. What gorgeous looking granchildren you have.

  3. Morning Connie. You are doing great on your site. I try to check out a few posts each day, but have been really busy lately (aren't we all). Mom and Stacey have come to help a day or two.We're working in the basement.It's looking good. Later! Sue

  4. I am so glad you visited my blog....grandchildren are such a blessing!

  5. What a wonderful picture of your family, Connie.
    Hope you have all recovered from the virus--maybe warmer weather moving in will bring everything back to normal. Mary

  6. Grandchildren are the best.My ones are soon 7 and 5,and they live close by. Both my GC have different sorts of quilt.Now I have picked out fabric for Eline`s bed, to be ready for May 18, her 5th birthday.
    Happy Quilting to you :-)