Thursday, January 30, 2014

In my sewing room WHY?

 Hi everyone, one question, WHY is so hard to find the time to blog, I really like reading everyone blog , but I just don't take time to blog. Some  time I will comment on the blogs and then  I will go on to what I need to do,    guess that just life.  I have been hand quilting on Barbara Back man  civil war reproduction quilt , got 4 block roll to go and them the border to quilt and will be done, about 4 more weeks if all goes good. My older daughter want this quilt so I guess it is her. That all for now Have a cozy night.     Why.


  1. Right now I just need it. I feel like I am talking to old friends. I would love to make myself do a quilt. That is what I keep asking myself about quilting....Why? lol

  2. Thanks , for the comment, sometime we just have to be in the mood to do what we want to d o.

  3. I think we all must have a "Why" question somewhere tucked away in our thoughts. I have one I will be posting about tonight.