Thursday, August 2, 2012

In my sewing room ---------brown recluse !!!!!!!

 Well  I have been bit by a brown recluse about 3 week ago, and it has been scary. It happen during the night and woke me up, i knock it off but it was fast and bit me so off the the doctor i go. The medicine they gave me i couldn't take so i went back and could not take this medicine, so the  third round i finally could take the med. So it look good still got some red color. I have not been able to sleep for thinking about them. You can have you house treated for them for it does help so i have done some research and they all say about the same . Most say get those sticky trap and place them in corner and under the bed around baseboard so this is what i am doing. Had got some more of them in the trap. I kept every thing clean and  nothing under my bed but they have come from somewhere.We need to set bug bomb under the house, but they said it would kill good spider that will kill the brown recluse.Since this has happen we know people with new home has them really bad and trying to get rid of them, I also read that white winger will kill them instantly but you will have to see them to spray. They like dark places.
 In my sewing room not much going on, I did make a cover photo album for a baby shower, was going to do a baby quilt but  Didn't feel like it after the spider bite. So I guess I will get back in to making and sewing again.
 It has been a busy summer with all of the grand kids, some good day and some day s not so good, but I do miss them Two of them as already went back to school and the other three will go next Wed. I  Will  have one  and that is the  little fellow which is making a big fellow he kept me pretty busy and he will miss the other one to play with. HE miss the cut off  by three days and he so wanted to go to school we told him he will be ready next year.
 My garden ,  not so good the drought hit it, I had 3 long roll of beans and just got 3 canning off of them, so I have can beets and bean and froze some squash and that about it. Our tomatoes didn't do any thing it was a dry time for them. We had been getting stuff from the Amish.
 I guess this is all for now, kind of quiet here .might go and take a short rest. God is good, and with him he has help me to deal with the spider bite. Have a great day!!!!!


  1. Oh Connie, those brown recluse bites can be horrible. I have killed two black widows in my house, but so far have not seen any brown recluse spiders (at least not that I know of). I sure do not get close enough to see if they have a fiddle shape on their back. You now have me scared about spiders. I may get some sticky traps to put around the house just in case. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh,Connie. Mom's big house has had them for years. I think I may be seeing them on my sticky traps now,too. I hate them. I refuse to sleep in Mom's big house since Dad and a young boy,who was visiting, was biten by one. I guess they are in Mom's garage apartment, since it is so closed up and dark, but I haven't seen one there yet. We must stay with Mom,on occasion, so I hope I don't see one there. They had them in the school basement, when I was working, and the things you write are basically the same things the exterminator told us. I hate them more than I can ever say.