Friday, June 22, 2012

all ready Friday !!!!

Today was a good day , didn't get much done,  just cleaning some, had 4 grands today and they bought a friend with them so a lot of kitchen duty today. This week as gone by so fast, when we was kids it took forever for a week to past, now i would like for it to go slower..
 As for as my sewing this week I just finish a pageant casual wear to put it in the mail for someone in  Burton Mi.,  I just loves to see were my outfit are ship to. I hope to get another one that i have started , to get it finish and put on ebay. I don't want to get anything big started now, because the garden stuff will be coming in for canning. I have 3 long roll of greenbeans and the dears eat the top out of them so I just hope there will be more on the sides of the beans, we will see what happen. It is so dry here we do need some rain...
 Grandaughter had sold donuts to raise money for their travel softball team so I took the girls and delivery them today. My neighbor Sue , have a lot of pretty flowers blooming , I really enjoy seeing them.I wish i could get some flowers to bloom like that. Good job Sue!!
Well guesss i will get off now,  I have a grandson and a grandaughter that will be play baseball and softball tonight. Hope everyone will have a good weekend. God IS GOOD.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words on my flowers,although I'm afraid the drought will finish them off.They have been nice up to now. The donuts were wonderful, and I do LOOOOOVE Krispy Kreme Donuts.