Monday, June 18, 2012

in my sewing room, Today, 46 years ago was our wedding day!!!!

 to day is our  46th wedding anniversary ! We dated for 6 week and he ask me to marry him  at a little  restaurant  in Clarkson. we meet at a dance, he came and ask me to dance and i said yes, and them he ask if he could take me home, but he had to ask my parent first, my parent was at the dance also. my parent said ok and so the story is told we  have been happily married for 46 year and if the good Lord is willing ,I hope for many more year. We have two beautiful daughter and  2 wonderful  son in laws which they give us 7  of the greatest grandchildrens. I love them all so much. Thank you God!!!


  1. So precious! Happy anniversary to you, and I hope you have many, many more.

  2. Happy Anniversary,Connie and Jesse.You should post an up to date picture so everyone can see how you both has changed,which, in my opinion, is very little.