Friday, August 17, 2012

In my seing room----- a little sewing!!!

Today, is a wet day to work outside, so I will be making one of my T-towel to enter in the fair, I have enter one for the last 3 years and so for i have got blue ribbon on them. Today I also will be work in some corn, I have about 50 years to work up.
 IT is beginning to sound and feel like fall, I like fall, but it a sad time because everything is dying for the season. But the bright  side, the colors and the fall decoration are so pretty. It is so nice to just sat out on the porch or deck with a glass of tea and  relax, which I have done alot of lately.
 Little fellow is here today, he misses all of  the kids to play with,  I will be working with him on preschool stuff so he will be ready for kindergarten next year. He wanted to go this year but was not older enough,so  some school work  will be good for him..
 My first year of school, me and my sister walk to school, with other kids, we live in a small town, so we didn't have to walk to for. I loves my first grade teacher, but  to get our first Alice and Jerry  book we had to learn all of out ABC and the teacher would point to each one for us to say, so I try really hard to learn them, so I could get my first book. Just a little memory  of my first year of school. The school is still standing and now is a tractor place
 Verse for today
Proverbs 22;  Verse 11 Pay attention to yous teacher and learn all you can.

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