Thursday, January 27, 2011

in my sewing room------ Milky Way ?

Today was a snow day for my grands, had all six today , BUSY!

But about the milky way no it is not a candy bar but i do really like milky way candy bar, well any way this week i started a new quilt and it is call milky way, I got it all cut out, and several blocks already done, hope to get it all piece by this week in. I haven't work on my spider web blocks this week, it is all done in blues and i needed a break from blues before i will be blue.

We had a real pretty snow this week, but i am so ready for warm weather and the weather man tell us more snow for next week and some real cold weather, it is not over yet just have to be patience.

Does your mind work over time,? Mine does i look at every thing i want to do, but just don't have the time to do them. I tell myself, it will get done and if it don't that will be OK, (I guess) :)

My hubby has done gone to bed, this is late for me, my bedtime is 10 or 10.30 i just didn't feel tired, but in the morning i will feel it, i will just have my little fellow on Friday so it want be has busy, got to finish my laundry, and clean a little and do a some sewing and of course play with little fellow!

Hope you all will have a great week in and a lot of sewing!

God is Good, All the time!

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  1. My guess would have been the Milky Way Cake. I have eaten it a few times. It is so good, but so rich. Our mailman's wife use to make it for Goodie Day at school, and one of the Son-in-Law's relatives made it a few times for our family gatherings.I could eat one now.Yum!