Monday, March 21, 2011

in my sewing room------ Meet myself going or coming!

To day a slow day. tired from the week in. Our church had a 3 day revival, and had my 3 granddaughters, and we lose a dear friend / cousin this week, she was 66 years old and had cancer and she just couldn't beat it. May she rest in peace. With going to the funeral home and church it was a busy week in. Sunday the family was here for dinner and in the afternoon it was the funeral, and back to church Sunday night.We took our granddaughter home after church I think they was tired also.

Today, i did work some on my egg money quilt, got all the border put on and i ran out of my fabric, I like 6 strip to finish it. Old POO!
I was going over to the quilt shop but little fella when to sleep, I think he is taking a cold. hope he's not, I don't like for them to feel bad. I was going to get the fabric there to finish it, and this will be two quilt top ready to be quilted. I'm still working on my spider web and the quilt as you go, I like 12 more blocks! YAAAAY!!!

Saturday my 3 granddaughter and I work on one of my flower bed and fix a bird house and put there , on Sunday morning before church we saw a blue bird building her nest in it. It has been some pretty weather here so I like to be outside doing some cleaning in my flower beds and the grands like to help.

I think this will be enough for today, Hope everyone will have a Bless week!

God is good, All the time!


  1. You really have been busy. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

    It sounds like the birds like the bird house. It's great that you have the grands to help with the work in the flower beds.

  2. Pop is sick,too.I think it all began with allergies and just got worse. He's been poorly for about a week now.Hope Little fella gets well soon and the rest stay healthy. It hard on everyone when one of the family is sick.

  3. I'm sorry for the loss of your cousin/friend. I hope your grandson is OK now, and didn't get a cold.

    It sounds like you've been making progress on your quilts, hopefully you'll be able to get your daughter to take some photos and post them on here when she has a chance.