Friday, January 6, 2012

in my sewing room------ Christmas 2011 is over !!!!!!!

Hello everyone and hope you all will have a great 2012 !!!!! Christmas came and went to fast, I got all of my trees and decoration put away this week, so now i will get back to my WORK!!!!
We have got the sewing room and dinning room, the living room and family room done, a little more work in my kitchen and a lot more to do in the bathroom, but it will be done soon...
I have been doing some crochet work , I am making a rag rug for my sewing room, the size of it now is 36 X27 oval so i have got to add more to it, it does take a lot of fabric... I would like to get back to my piecing and quilting and finish up what i have started, will let you know about those project as they are done.
Today I'm thankful for this beautiful day, I will go out and clean the van up, it get so messy sometime, Thanks to my grand kids!! LOL,. I just have little fellow to day ,so he will ride is bike so i can clean the van.
It has been a while since i have blog, I still read all of my blog but I just didn't take the time to blog back, so to everyone I hope you all had a very good Holiday, as for us we all was together and had a wonderful time.... So my work is calling me and i need to get busy, Bless each and every one on this day and have a great day!!!HAPPY SEWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is old Christmas January 6 so Merry Christmas to day!!


  1. Yes, we women can always find something to do. It's a shame men were not given that ability.Glad to hear your holiday went well, and you are back to blogging a bit.We can always find time to do what we must do, but finding time to do what we'd like to do seems to be harder.Happy New Year to you and your family,too.

  2. Can you believe that Christmas and New Years is already gone. And I know all about those grandkids being messy in the car!!! lol Hope you get a lot of sewing done!!!