Monday, February 14, 2011

in my sewing room------ Egg Money?

Monday in my sewing room, Well first I want to wish everyone Happy Valentines Day! Back to my sewing for to day, I have got my fabric ready for block no. 7 for the civil war follow along of Barabara Brackman, and strips for my spider web blocks... YEP, I started another quilt called Egg Money quilt by Eleanor Burns, I have been collecting reproduction fabric of 1930 feed sack, it said back in the 30's ladies would take their egg money and buy fabric and use their feed sack also, I love this type of fabrics. When i was a little girl my mom and grandma would make us feed sack skirt or jumper to wear with our little white blouse. I have got my Milky way quilt top finish the size is 80 by 95 so it is good size quilt, now got to get it quilted.....

Today is also wash day for me, got the washer going and to clean the house a little from the week in. I have little fellow and cupcake they will kept me busy also, but they are so funny, i love to listen to them talking and planning what they think they are going to do.......

We had a good week in, it was the last week in for my grand kids basketball, so Saturday we got to see our grandson last game at his school and his sister also. them we went to another school and got to see the twins play their last game, they are all really good little ball player.Sunday it was church day and the family was here , our guest for dinner was our pastor and his daughter , all in all very nice day......

I think Spring is in the air, it is going to be a very pretty day!

This is all for today, hope everyone will have a great day and can get what they want done!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY SEWING OR WHAT THERE IS TO BE DONE!



  1. Happy Valentines day to you too. I love listening to the conversations that little ones have. There's no limit to their imaginations. It's wash day for me and hope to do some sewing also.

  2. I was beginning to think you had chickens hid over the hill.(te-hee) We have a good day with my Grand kids, too.Leah did most of the dinner,but I do enjoy helping her and showing her how it all done.Her Dad does the cooking at their house. I don't think he lets her cook much there.

  3. I love reading your blocks for the memories your quilts bring back to you.