Saturday, February 26, 2011

in my sewing room------ Shinny!

This is little fellow, he just finish eating and when to sleep . but i want to share this little story with you all, his great papaw was in the hospital and was coughing really bad, he told me that papaw ate some rock and that was why he was coughing, so i told him he was really old and had a lot of health problem, he said gran gran , (He called me gran gran) you are not getting old you are still shinny, i look at him and he had the sweetest smile on his face it just melt my heart! Grandchildren are so special.
Today i didn't get much done was planning on going to a fabric shop but when to wal mart and back home and the day was just about over. My hubby and i when to a new place to eat to night we also had our granddaughter (Cupcake) that what i called her, any way the food and they had a band was good.
Sunday will be church, and i will have my younger daughter 39 birthday dinner with all the family..I have done the cake and pie tonight, i have got the salad made so i want have to do that in the morning' just do the rest of the food in the morning before church....
Hope every will have a great Sunday! :)


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter and congratulations to you on being Shiney.

  2. Oh Connie, that little guy is so cute. Looks like he was about to fall asleep while eating. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My daughter is 43. Where do the years go? Seems just like yesterday that she was the size of the little fella in the picture there.

    Hope you have a great day.

  3. That is so cute.Kids do say the cutest things at that age.Did you all eat at HayMakers? I thought I heard Pop said he saw Jesse there.