Friday, August 5, 2011

in my sewing room------ Painting shelfs!!

Today, working on shelf's for my sewing room, all the walls and trim are already painted the carpet is up so, now i wanting to hurry and get it back together, but it is going slow. I have got a new counter top and it need to be cut to fit and also a new cabinet also.I don,t get much help, i am doing what i can, but waiting on my hubby to do the cut work, maybe soon it will be done. My brother is going to do the floors for me, but before he can do that i have got to take the hall carpet up and to my front door, before the floor will be lay , so I need to get that done also and painted.........

All of my grands are in school ,except little fellow, Little cupcake is liking kindergarten so far, I hope it she will always like going. I miss them all but it does give me a little break. They are already asking to stay the week in ,so I guess if they don't have ball games they will be here.

As for as the garden go, my beans have not done so good, it have been to dry and the bloom are falling off, i will get what i can off of them and get the rest from the Amish to can.

A memory, of my first year of school, we lives in town and walk to school, they would be several kids walking together. Mom would take me and my sister and get a permanent put in our hair and a pair of shoes and 2 new dresses and we couldn't,t wait to wear them. I remember that we had to learn all of our ABC before we would get our first reader book, It was the Alice and Jerry book, We had to go to the teacher desk to read, my teacher, we called her Miss Marie, she was never married, and she was a very good teacher, I just had her for my first year of school, The school is still standing and it is a farm and tractor store now.We move to a farm and them i had to ride a school bus, someday that will be another story, but setting out on the porch and listening to sounds can sure bring back memories.

Bible verse, PROVERBS 8 verse 33 Listen to what you are taught,Be wise; do not neglect it.


  1. Your sewing room is going to be really nice. It will be done before long and you'll be able to enjoy it.

  2. Can't wait to see it all finished. I know you are so excited to be getting it done.I'll bet you are lost with all of those grand kids back in school now,but you can get more done,I'm sure.

    P.S. You need a few of these Moon Flowers at your house. It's beginning to look like a jungle over here at my house. I don't have the heart to pull them up, and they do get really big.