Friday, January 11, 2013

Block 21 underground railroad!

Today looking out of my sewing room windrow, the cloud are breaking away to a beautiful morning, we had some hard rain early morning hours. The temp. is going to be 61 today, not bad for Jan. weather. going to been around 70 on Saturday with wind and rain.but for now it is a pretty morning in Cash Ky.
 Working on no. 21 block called the under ground railroad, enjoy working at making these blocks.
Well i need to get to some house work  done,  and them I will do some hand quilting.
Little fellow is here, he has been so good ,We have  school after lunch to get him ready for kinder garden. He loves playing with his Lego blocks, he play with them a lot.
 Well this is all, got to get to work, every have a good day!!! God is Good!

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