Tuesday, November 17, 2009

in my sewing room

well today is a raining day, so it a good day to be in side. I have will issac he sure is full of engery, he is already on the go. I guess today I will work on the casual wear and cut out some christmas stocking to do crazy pieceing or patchwork pieceing on them to give to my daughter, I will emboridery their name on them also. My mom sew but she didn't do alot of it, she would make doll cloth for our dolls and make some of our clothes, she stay busy doing her every day stuff she love her garden and her canning. We live on a small farm so it kept her and dad busy. but anyway I learm some of my sewing from her and them high school in home ec, I pick up the rest of what i needed to know about using patterm and that just got me going. When I marry we live in Louisville for 1 year and I sure didn't like living up there so we move on his dad and mom farm and been here for 42 yrs, anyway my husband had a guitar and he took it to western auto store and trade it for me a sewing machine and I tought it was the greatest machine, my older daughter now has that machine and it does pretty good job of sewing. I sure did use that machine alot, made all of mine and the girls clothes. It was later on on when I got in the piecing and quilting, my mother in law done this kind of sewing so I learn this from her , and I work in a Quilt shop so that is were I learn the rest of the trade.well this is enough on this subject. everyone have a bless day.Psalm 46- first verse God is our shelter and stregth, always ready to help in times of trouble.

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