Wednesday, November 25, 2009

in my sewing room

Well not much when on in my sewing room today , I had my 6 grandchildren so it was a busy day, they all had a good time being together. Thankgiving day we will go to my husband mom for dinner, she will be 90 year old in Aug. She does real good for herself, she still does her work and take care of her garden and try to do what she need to do. We will all take food in but she will cook also, she sure is a blessing to all of us. I have cut out some quilt block to take for the grandkids to draw a picture on them and color them and sometime it is going to turn into a quilt, I think the kiddo will enjoy doing this and is something a little ex. for them to do. I will close for tonight, every one have a blessful thankgiving. Psalms9; verse1-2 I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the wonderful things you have done. 2 I will sing with joy because of you. I will sing praise to you, almighty God.


  1. Connie, you have got to be an angel from heaven. No human could take care of 6 grandkids daily, especially if they are like mine. So demanding.But then I have been around your grandkids a little. You all raised them to be independent and help themselves. That is a tremendous help in itself, not having to be physically by their side every moment and cater to their every whim. Do you give lessons?

  2. Don't give lesson, they can play good together, and they like to be outside doing their thing, but sometime it can get a little hair raising when they don't get alone, but they will work it out and get back playing again and when they all play good together it make the day a good day.When you have this many to take care of it is good to let them work thing out and not be so depending on me, but they do like for me to do stuff with them and I will. they are growing so fast. Our mail man said when he deliver peoples mail on the route you just don't see kids outside playing but when he come thrus here and I have the kids he said they will be out playing and you just don't see that much any more.