Sunday, November 22, 2009

in my sewing room

We when to church today and the family came here for lunch and had a good day, the grandchildren got to play outside today, they like to explore on the farm. I remember when I was little we live on a farm and when our cousins came over we would go all over the farm and just have a good time, it seem like kids just don't do this, they like to play computer game or watch tv or just be in the house. I Didn't do any thing in my sewing room today, so I guess I will get back to work on the Christmas stocking, my daughter want one for each of them so guess that what I will be doing. I use to do alot of other crafts but now I just do my sewing ,that what I like to do best, I have my flower arranging to do sometime and I do enjoy that, but that not everyday. Jesse my husband would take everything that I makes to work with him and sell my crafts and he would alway bring home order for me but that has been several yrs back, time is sure going by fast, there is so much I would like to do and it just take time.This week I have got to finish a pageant casual wear, and Quilt on the christmas Quilt, When I get something going I like to get it done and go to making another project.It take time when it come to quilting a quilt, Me and my mother in law and Daugther was talking about quilt s today so I got the first quilt I made out to show to them , I would like to do a quilt for both of my girls and grandchilden, so maybe sometime I can do this. This is all for today, a very good day. Matthew5:9 Happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children.

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  1. When I read your ending scripture I just gave a sigh..."happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children"...doesn't that just sound peaceful and sure does to me!!

    I remember having such fun on our farm too. I was devastated when we moved away...I cried and cried and I kept thinking that we would move back but after 2 years and we still hadn't moved back to Kentucky I pretty much decided that I was stuck there in Georgia so I had to make the best of it. I did miss the farm so-o-o much. I remember making mud pies and playing with old broken things and pretending that I was keeping my own house!! I did my first sewing there...I was 9 years old. I learned how to hem dresses from my neighbor, Joyce Stanley. I was so proud to have learned how to do that!! I went home and practiced and practiced until I was soon doing my own hemming of all those dresses that were too big and too long. Shortly after that I began to show my love for sewing by piecing quilt blocks together and I've been doing it ever since. Mom used to make the most wonderful knotted quilts...very heavy and warm for winter nights!! She never had much time for quilting what with 9 children coming and going!! She did do beautiful crochet though!! She would get a little thread now and then and whip up the nicest doilies. I still love to pick them up when I see them at thrift stores.
    I guess I've jabbered on long enough so...until later...V