Tuesday, November 24, 2009

in my sewing room

To day in my sewing room I will be working on a Little girl pageant caual wear ,theme gingerbread girl, going kinda slow today not feeling very good.My daughter is going to post some of my work for me when she get time. I hope she can do this today.I do enjoy doing my blog but sometime there is not much to say. I remember when I was a little girl I was so bashful and whem someone would talk to me I would hide behind my daddy legs or my mom dress, they would try to get me to talk to them but i wouldn't say a word, so today everyone have a full day and do what ever you want to do.Revelation 22; verse 7 Listen! says jesus."I am coming soon! Happy are those who obey the prophetic words in this book.


  1. Connie, you sound a lot like myself. Being that shy is a sickness. I think that is why I married Pop. He does not have a shy bone in his body, and I've read many times,You marry a person who has the qualities you desire for yourself. Then you learn from them, how to change yourself. I think I have learned well, but being at home all day now with no grown up to talk to, I think that is why I love to blog so. Everyone wants others to hear what they have to say, and a lot of folks just want to do the talking. This way we can talk(I mean write)till our heart's content.

  2. you are right about POP there isn't a shy bone in him! I enjoy reading other blogs and like doing mine even those I sometime don't have much to say.You can get some good ideal from the blogs. thanks for sending me the new quilt blog.