Wednesday, November 18, 2009

in my sewing room

Well today Im not getting much done, did do some emboridery work this morning, it was a sm. job and it is done. I got to take my mother in law to the doctor today and when I have to go some where I don't get in to much ,just little job.I have got the stocking done and i"m doing emboridery work on them they have turn out looking pretty good, maybe I can get my daughter to post a picture of them and my quilt, the pieces on the stocking is left over from the quilt. I have several quilt I would like to make but it take time to do a quilt and quilts them.I need to start thinking about the hoilday ,it soon will be time to do the trees, I put up 4 trees and guess my favorite one is the family tree, I try to add a new piece to that tree every year or something that the grandkids has made, those are the special one that goes on the tree.I guesthe oldest piece on the tree is about 50 yrs old it was alway on my mom and dad tree, and them the year I married Mom give me a new ornament for the tree and it is 43 year old there is also thing that my daugthers have made that go on the tree, when you look at the tree it bring back memory. today is a good day hope your is too. Matthew 5: verse6 Happy are those who are merciful to others, God will be merciful to them!

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  1. I sent you an email just today asking about an embroidery stitch. I went ahead and tackled it the way I think it should go. It is not as neat as I would like yet, but maybe with practice, it will look better.I sent you a picture of it as an attachment.