Saturday, December 19, 2009

in my sewing room-------------- a runing day!

not in my sewing room today, We got up early and when out to breakfast and when to my grandson ballgame in Caneyville, they didn't win but that OK as long as they had fun. We them got back to leichfield and had lunch, The grand kids came home with us so their mother could go shopping. when she got done shopping in bowing Green she call us to meet her at walmart in leichfield to pick up the kids and them I done my shopping for my candy making and cake baking next week. So now in my sewing room I have been wrapping gift and that done so I'm on the old computer. So this was my day not allot done but allot of running.hope every one will have restful night, and be ready for church in the morning. Psalms103; verse 1- Praise the Lord, my soul! All my being,praise his holy name

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  1. We, too, enjoyed our visit.It's good to get out and see what others are doing with their homes and their crafts. We got lots of good ideas and inspiration fron you. We'll never be as good as you at any of it, but we do enjoy trying different things. Vicki has decorated Mom's big house where she and my brother are staying during their visit. It doesn't look like the same place. She has taken a lot of pictures.Hopefully she will post a few of them when she goes home to the Carolinas. She is very talented like you. I try, but I just can't make things like you two do, but I love trying.