Wednesday, December 2, 2009

in my sewing room------- cleaning carpet

I was in my sewing some today ,i had to finish hairbows to go with the grinch outfit. I had my carpet clean today and they look so much better, I will clean everything and put my stuff back in place tomorrow. I 'm getting ready to do the big tree it is 9ft tall, this one is in the family room.I love snowmens and I made a big snowmen for the top of the tree and then put all the stuff that we have collected over the years on this tree. I remember when we would go out to find the perfect tree and get back to the house and trim it up and decide it wasn't the perfect tree. those day was fun, it would take us all day looking, we would go from one place to another. Last year we took the old truck and loaded the grandkids so they could look for them a tree for their room, they really enjoy doing that and we had fun doing this with them, we even let them try to cut their own tree. It is so easy now all you do is open the box and surprize there is the tree, I will say the clean up is a lot easier. I guess this is all for now. Have a restful night!----------------------------------2 Thessalonians 3: verse 16 May the Lord himself, who is our source of peace, give you piece at all time and in every way. the Lord be with you all.


  1. And then again,you can even do like a friend of mine did one year. She went to the florist a day or two before Christmas and bought a fully decorated tree, and brought it home and set it on a table in the front window. Not my way of celebrating the Chritmas season.I love to stretch it out all I can get away with.Music and all. But that's why they say "Different strokes, for different folks."

  2. A nine foot Christmas tree....WOW!!!!! That's great!! I can't even imagine how many ornaments it would take to decorate that size tree!! That would be fun to decorate but I wouldn't want to do it by myself...that size tree would need a "tree trimming party" with lots of eggnog and gingerbread cookies!! It sounds like you'll have plenty of help if the grandchildren are there!!
    Have a great day! Until later...V