Sunday, December 27, 2009

in my sewing room----------------- Christmas is over

Well Christmas is over with , it is kinda sad, all the family have get back to their daily jobs, and now here it is Sunday , the family was here for lunch and we enjoy them today. As for Monday don't know what I will be working on, but my mind is doing a lot of thinking. I didn't get my Christmas quilt quilted so that might be what i will work on it just depend on the mood I'm in. I need to get back in my pageant casual wear for Valentine, so who know what i will do. I will start putting away some of the Christmas decoration, but will leave one tree up until after the first of the Mon. so there is a lot I can do. I guess this is all I have to say, hope every one had a very good Christmas and hope the new year is very good year.Psalms 118; verse 29 Give thanks to the lord, because he is good, and his Love is eternal.

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