Sunday, December 13, 2009

in my sewing room------------family

It seem like I just post last Sunday and here it is another Sunday ,were does the time goes. We when to church and the family came back here for dinner and for the kids to be to gather to play. Soon Christmas will be here and the grand kids are getting excited, they like to ask for clue on their gift, it make it fun for them to try to guess. Kids get so much now, I know when we was little we would just get one gift and some fruit and candy, we thought we had it all. they are so many memory I could write about our Christmas ,some Christmases we didn't has much but we was all together and that say it all, We lose our mother Dec. 15 1975. I will all way miss her. Today I got a call that her brother my uncle had pass away he was 84, it will be a sad holiday for them, Kept them in your prayer. this is all for tonight, hope all will have a peaceful night.---------------------psalms 46; 1. God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.


  1. Connie,Sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing.And yes, this time of the year, everything so rushed. Let's hope our nerves can hold up. Today was Leah's 9th birthday.We had White Bean Chili and Cake and Ice cream. I think they plan to have a party for her Saturday with her friends from school. She is growing up so fast. John has a birthday 3 weeks after Christmas, but they both have Christmas every other day, so they can't possibly appreciate the Real Christmas.I wish we could all get back to the simple life like the Down-to-Earth blog speaks of.That would be wonderful.Happy Holidays to your Family.

  2. Thanks, I when to the funeral today, it was a very sad time for all of them. It was good to some of my family that i haven't seen in a while. We just had jesse 10th birthday, they sure grow up fast. you and your family have a wonderful holiday also!