Saturday, December 5, 2009

in my sewing room-------------- doing decoration

I have not been in my sewing room today. I put on insulated overrall and gloves , a hood jacket and when outside to do the christmas decoration, it has took me all day and it is done, i'm so glad. It was a very pretty day and I enjoy being out. It was cold but with the clothes i had kept me very warm. I thought about when I was young how we would bundle up and meet a bunch of friends to go sleigh riding, It was so much fun ,we would be out all day come home for dinner and the hot food was good. Its funny how you are doing something and you go back in time and think about what you use to do. Now if it snow I weary about the family having to be out in it going to work. My dad would say he hope it didn't snow and I didn't under stand why he would say that, but now I know. Well so much for going back in time. My dad birthday birthday is Dec. 6th He died on Dec 24, I will alway miss him.-------------Psalms verse 1-2 I will always thank the Lord ; I will never stop praising him. 2 I will praise him for what he has done; may all who are oppressed listen and be glad.


  1. Good morning, Connie, sounds like you had a very satisfying day outside putting up decorations!!

    I'm glad I don't have to work outside for a living, esp when its cold and icy, however there is just something so wonderful about being outside when its like that. I love to go out and sweep or shovel the walk when the snow has fallen; or scrapping the ice off the windows of the car when I was able to go off to work every day. It felt good to be outside and doing something. I know what you mean about of my favorite memories is when we used to wait and wait for the pond to freeze over so that we could 'ice skate' on the pond. We never had real ice skates but most of us had those galoshes that you put on over your shoes...they were the best thing for fast sliding on the ice!! We-e-e-e...what fun!! And of course once we got back home Mom would usually have burnt sugar milk (my favorite) or cocoa for us!! Good times!! Hope your day is going well. Until later...V

    P.S. I signed up to get the beliefnet newsletter...I like it very much...thanks for telling me about it. Also thank you for reminding me to 'always thank the Lord and never stop praising Him'....

  2. Connie, I forgot to extend my sympathies regarding the passing of your father. I'm sure your memories are both sad and glad this time of year. Gods blessings to you!! Sincerely, V

  3. My father would of been 83 today he pass away in 1988.We had a creek on our sm farm and that's were we would ice skate . BOY! did i slip and got a big knot on my head, I never did tell my mom, because I was afraid she would let us go back to the creek. Those was the days.