Sunday, December 6, 2009

in my sewing room------------------- Church day

Today was my dad birthday he would had been 83, he passaway in 1983, seem like forever. Today we when to church and the family came home for dinner, it was a good day for chili and hotdog and for desert I made a chocolate pudding pie, our 2 daugthers and grandkids all had a good day. My older grandaugther help me with the big tree, so it is up, just got to get it decorated. We took 4 of our grandkids over to White Mills to see the ole bridge, it was all done up in the christmas light and the churches by the river was decorated pretty also.When we got back their mother was ready to go home she had to get ready for work tomorrow and our younger daugther had all ready gone home with her family to do some of her work and get ready for her work week. So this was our Sunday, Hope every one had a good day, when you can be with your family is a very joyable day.---------------------------1 CORINTHIANS 16; verse 24 My love be with you all in Christ Jesus.


  1. I know you are remembering a lot of the fun times with your Dad, today. We missed the "Light Up the Bridge"this year. We usually try to make that trip, too, with the grandkids. Things are so helter skelter around here most days when they are here, it's a wonder we remember our names.

  2. Sue, sometimes it is like that here, I will get the kids name mixed up and will call all the names until i get the right name or just say whoever.